Tokyo Revengers chapter 268: The second time-leaper revealed, Mikey reveals his secrets to Takemichi

Mikey is essential to every time-leaper (Image via Sportskeeda)
Mikey is essential to every time-leaper (Image via Sportskeeda)

After Takemichi’s surprising power-up in the last chapter, Tokyo Revengers chapter 268 brings his fight with Mikey to an abrupt halt. After matching each other blow for blow, the two presidents finally discuss why they are doing what they are doing. The conversation leads to Mikey revealing the identity of the second time-leaper.

Ever since Tetta Kisaki’s death, fans have wondered about the second time-leaper. Tokyo Revengers chapter 268 not only exposes the shocking identity of said person, but it also introduces the concept of an original timeline, which is implied to be different from Takemichi’s first timeline.

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Tokyo Revengers chapter 268 reveals the identity of the second time-leaper and the existence of an original timeline

Takemichi's powers in chapter 267 (Image via Ken Wakui/Kodansha)
Takemichi's powers in chapter 267 (Image via Ken Wakui/Kodansha)

In the last chapter, Takemichi discovered he could use his visions to outmaneuver Mikey. Taking advantage of the gap between two attacks, he landed a punch on Mikey and knocked down the Kantou Manji President.

Tokyo Revengers chapter 268 synopsis

The chapter picks up with Takemichi having knocked down Mikey. The Toman members chant their President’s name as Chifuyu and others look on in awe and pride. However, Mikey soon gets up, and they begin to trade blows again. Mikey angrily asks why Takemichi returned to the past even after the video. If Takemichi continues to meddle, then everything Mikey did would have been for naught.

Takemichi replies that he knows the darkness inside Mikey is devouring him. Mikey had asked him for help before his death, and Takemichi is determined to save him. When the Kantou president says that while he is aware of the darkness, there is nothing he can do, Takemichi asks Mikey what happened during the two years he was gone.

Mikey reveals that he had been trying to understand what was wrong with him for a long time. It was only after the Battle of the Three Deities that Wakasa informed him of the truth. While saying this, Mikey finally knocks Takemichi down again and begins to explain the situation.

This is not the original timeline, but one created after the first time jump was made. Mikey’s Dark Impulse is born out of his brother’s love. Shinichiro wanted to save Mikey, and he went back in time to do so, creating alternate timelines. Mikey sombrely informs Takemichi that Shinichiro Sano is a time-leaper.


It was always speculated that there was an original timeline where time-leaping did not exist, and Takemichi had not met Mikey. Readers believed that every subsequent timeline was a derivation created by Takemichi’s decision to go back in time and save someone. Tokyo Revengers chapter 268 confirms the idea of the original timeline, but the originator of the alternate timeline appears to be Shinichiro.

Several points arise in the wake of this revelation. Firstly, can there be two time-leapers at the same time? Takemichi only learned to time-jump once Shinichiro had already created a separate timeline and ceased to exist. It can work like a transfer of power, where the ability to time jump is passed on to the next most suitable person upon the demise of the previous holder at a great time of need.

Secondly, Tokyo Revengers chapter 268 makes it clear that Wakasa, and likely Takeomi, Sanzu, and Benkei, are acutely aware of the intricacies of time-leaping. Shinichiro likely entrusted Wakasa and others to inform Mikey when the time came, and Mikey had, in turn, trusted Sanzu with it. It is unclear how Hanma and Kisaki fit into this circle.

Third, Mikey seems to be at the center of this entire business. Shinichiro went back in time and tried to save him, and one must assume that he succeeded to a certain extent. However, Mikey has always been predisposed to die at the end of most timelines, and the responsibility fell on Takemichi, as the current time-leaper, to save him in Shinichiro’s stead.

Draken imprisoned for Kisaki's murder (Image via Ken Wakui/Kodansha, LIDENFILMS)
Draken imprisoned for Kisaki's murder (Image via Ken Wakui/Kodansha, LIDENFILMS)

Finally, it appears that saving someone from certain death causes it to fester inside them and lead them astray. Interestingly, before Tokyo Revengers chapter 268, the series does not follow the lives of anyone whom Takemichi has saved beyond two years, except perhaps Taiju.

After Takemichi saves Hina and Akkun, readers never see what becomes of them beyond two years. Draken dies two years after Takemichi saving him in the current timeline, and when he did live, he is incarcerated for killing Kisaki.

Final thoughts

Mikey's Dark Impulses in chapter 231 (Image via Ken Wakui/Kodansha)
Mikey's Dark Impulses in chapter 231 (Image via Ken Wakui/Kodansha)

Despite so many theories regarding the identity of the second time-leaper, no one expected it to be Shinichiro. It must be noted that in Tokyo Revengers chapter 268, Mikey uses the present tense to refer to his deceased brother, saying, “Shinichiro Sano is a time-leaper.” This may imply that there is a way to bring Shinichiro back or that he is present in other timelines.

Tokyo Revengers chapter 268 heavily implies that Mikey became prone to darkness because Shinichiro put the timeline at risk to save his little brother. This begs the question of how saving someone affects them in the long run and whether it’s ethical to put the lives of a few above entire timelines.

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