Tokyo Revengers fandom debates over the identity of Shinichiro's trigger

Who could be Shinichiro
Who could be Shinichiro's trigger in Tokyo Revengers (Image via LIDENDILMS)

The Tokyo Revengers fanbase has several questions after the events in the latest chapter. Time leaping as a concept is quite difficult to grasp, especially in this case when the parameters or rules for this phenomenon have not been defined properly. The identity of the second time-leaper has been revealed, leaving the entire fanbase searching for clues they may have missed in the previous chapters.

The Tokyo Revengers fanbase is currently attempting to find out who the trigger for the second time-leaper was. Let's take a look at all the possible triggers for the second time-leaper.

Disclaimer: This article contains major spoilers from the manga. This article is speculative since the manga has not revealed the name of the second time-leaper's trigger.

Tokyo Revengers: Who is the trigger to the second time-leaper

It has been confirmed that the second time-leaper is none other than Sano Manjiro's brother, Shinichiro Sano. However, it hasn't been revealed who Shinichiro's trigger was. If we had to pick a possible trigger for Shinichiro, it would likely be someone close to him or who was present in the same gang as him. Since Shinichiro Sano was the founder of the Black Dragon, his trigger could have been present in the first generation of Black Dragons.

@Ultimate_Simp_ this is your kin, wakasa imaushi!

In this case, Shinichiro Sano's trigger could be Wakasa Imaushi. He, too, was a founding member of the Black Dragon and is the commando unit captain of Kantou Manji Gang. He has spent much time with Mikey and his elder brother, who was revealed to be the second time-leaper in Tokyo Revengers. In one of the chapters, Inupi asked Wakasa why he joined Mikey, for which he didn't have a reason. The way Wakasa has been portrayed is slightly mysterious, and there is a possibility that he knows something that the audience and the rest of the characters in Tokyo Revengers don't.

"rindou probably hates sanzu" the way he looks at him says otherwise

Besides Wakasa, fans believe that Shinichiro's trigger could also be Sanzu. Assuming Shinichiro's time-leaping cursed Sanzu, giving him the Dark Impulses, he must have kept his distance from Mikey in the current timeline.

After Shinichiro died, Sanzu must have come back into Mikey's life, and his dialog in the latest Tokyo Revengers chapter could hint at this theory. Mikey said

"My curse, the Dark Impulse… was born from love."

This could connect the dots and prove that Sanzu is the trigger.

Fans react to theories surrounding Shinichiro's trigger in

Tokyo Revengers

Most of the theories proposed by the fanbase revolve around Sanzu being Shinichiro's trigger in the series. One of the theories suggests that Shinichiro essentially entrusted Sanzu to take care of Mikey, which could be why he is aware of Mikey's Dark Impulse.

#tr268 So Sanzu became Shinichiro's trigger since the day Mikey hurt him and Shin entrusted him to save Mikey? Is that why Sanzu knew about both dark impulse and time leaping and stuck with him till the end? All to save Mikey in his own way for Shinichiro?
@Elisa3es @SoumiRoy1 Agree with your point 👌 IF Sanzu really wanted to help Mikey (as requested by Shin), he should be part of MIkey and Baji's flashback abt Toman's founding members.But Sanzu was introduced like this to Toman (accdg to Mucho). He's part of ~other~ divisions

Another theory is that Wakasa was Shinichiro's trigger, and this makes a lot of sense when we take a close look at what Mikey said to Takemichi during their fight. Wakasa said,

"If we were still in the first timeline, then Takemichi wouldn't have gone through all this trouble."

This clearly indicates that he's aware of the timeline they're in, which makes him a probable trigger.

was wakasa shinichiro’s trigger?? i mean it could be anything at this point… #TR268
Imagine if Waka was the trigger of Shinichiro

Fans will have to wait for the upcoming chapters of Tokyo Revengers to understand who Shinichiro's trigger is. Fans hope Ken Wakui will reveal this crucial information in chapter 269 as the fight between Mikey and Takemichi continues.

Stay tuned for more anime and manga updates as 2022 progresses.

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