Tokyo Revengers manga's ending divided the fandom

Tokyo Revengers chapter 278
Color double-spread page in Tokyo Revengers chapter 278 (Image via Ken Wakui)

With Ken Wakui's Tokyo Revengers having released its final chapter 278, fans of the series took to social media to express their feelings after the manga's end. While most manga series and their manga authors, upon the end of a series, get a good reception from their fans, the ending of Tokyo Revengers managed to divide the fandom into two.

With the release of Tokyo Revengers chapter 277, it was pretty evident that the manga series wasn't set to receive a good ending. With what many fans claimed to be a "Mickey Mouse" ending, Ken Wakui's work was highly criticized online, with fans pointing out several loopholes in the story's ending.

Now that the final chapter has been released, let's look at what fans have to say about it.

Tokyo Revengers fandom gets divided after the manga's controversial ending

Tokyo Revengers fans criticize the manga

With Tokyo Revengers' controversial ending, fans were left upset to see how Ken Wakui had seemingly butchered the series with his final arc. With no explanation for several things that occurred near the end, Wakui strived for a happy ending, irrespective of the loopholes that the manga left fans with.

The backstories of several characters were left untouched, as to this day, fans are unaware of Shuji Hanma's motivations, goals, and his past. If that wasn't enough, in the final chapter, he is seen talking to someone who can only be presumed to be the readers themselves. Was he breaking the fourth wall?

Also, let's not forget how Takemichi and Mikey managed to get back in time together due to an unexplained reason, only for them to help rescue everyone and reset everything that had happened since the very beginning.

One thing to note is how both Takemichi and Mikey were seemingly around 12 years old when they managed to change everyone's fate, which included housefires, domestic abuse, etc.

With an ending like this, it was about time fans of the series start comparing it to Boruto, another series that is popularly known for being a bad shonen animanga.

Tokyo Revengers fans express their gratitude towards Ken Wakui

While the manga series received a lot of criticism for its botched ending, fans of the series also took their time to appreciate the series as a whole. While there was a lack of explanation for the same, fans of the series were unanimously happy that all their favorite characters were alive and got the ending they deserved.

Fans thanked manga author Ken Wakui for introducing them to the series and its fantastic characters. While many fans were still left unsatisfied with the lack of information on some of the characters, they were glad to learn about them. Moreover, they were happy that Takemichi and Hinata were finally married after having gone through so much together.

Fans were happy that their favorite characters were now able to live their ideal lives, following the professions they are most passionate about. Meanwhile, other characters who previously had bad blood between them, seem to be on good terms now.

One of the final panels of the series featured all the characters running to congratulate Takemichi and Hinata on their marriage. However, the background saw the Haitani brothers and Hanma staying in their seats, which was a behavior suited to their characters.

Lastly, fans even shared one of the final illustrations by Ken Wakui at the end of the series as the manga author can be seen dozing away as Chifuyu grabs Wakui's arm and asks him to continue drawing Takemichi.

With Tokyo Revengers having announced its spinoff manga, it seems about right that Ken Wakui might have accepted Chifuyu's request.