Tokyo Revengers: Twitter celebrates Kazutora’s birthday with spectacular fanarts 

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Tokyo Revengers' Kazutora is ready to celebrate his birthday (Image via Ken Wakui, Kodansha)

September 15th is a special day for Tokyo Revengers’ Toman gang, as one of its founder members was born on the same date, Kazutora. Once a close friend of both Mikey and Baji, Kazutora is known for being the one who dealt the killing blow to Shinichiro’s head. He was also one of the top members of Valhalla, with the only objective of defeating Mikey.

As such, he has been extremely important for the plot of the Tokyo Revengers, which has gained him an enormous amount of fans on the internet. Today, Hanemiya fans gathered on Twitter to celebrate Kazutora’s birthday, by publishing stunning fan arts of the character.

Continue reading to learn more about how fans are celebrating Kazutora’s birthday.

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers for the Tokyo Revengers’ manga.

Tokyo Revengers fans are remembering their favorite Kazutora moments to celebrate his birthday


Kazutora is one of Toman’s founding members, alongside his best friends, Mikey and Baji. At some point during his childhood, he and Baji decided to steal Mikey’s favorite motorbike to give it to him as a gift.

Sadly, they entered a store owned by Mikey’s older brother Shinichiro. Scared of being discovered by the police, Kazutora killed Shinichiro by blunting him with a wrench on the head.

Hanemiya is one of the most tragic characters in the show, as well as one of the most loyal and emotive. Due to this, fans of Tokyo Revengers love whenever he appears on the screen. To show how much they appreciate him, many artists in the fandom have created beautiful fan art depicting Kazutora on his birthday.

おめでたCAT/ばじとら ⚠︎猫パロ ⚠︎浮かれたパーティー帽

Kazutora’s name in Japanese means one tiger, which is why many fans have depicted the boy with tiger-like characteristics. Others simply drew him alongside a tiger to represent the origins of his name without having to alter his original design.

Cosplay ‖ 東京卍リベンジャーズ  ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄『オマエはオレのモンだ 一虎』 #羽宮一虎生誕祭2022 #羽宮一虎誕生祭2022
【cosplay】TOKYO卍REVENGERS        『 ずっと一緒だから 』Baji KeisukeHanemiya Kazutora------------------------------------#羽宮一虎生誕祭 #羽宮一虎生誕祭2022 photo:@sion1229

Some fans showed off their cosplaying skills by turning into Kazutora and his closest friends, Mikey and Baji. These cosplays are extremely well made and make it seem like our favorite characters have come to life.

Happy 🐯 Kazutora 🐯 Day
🐯HAPPY BIRTH DAY🐯 🌼KAZUTORA 2022.09.16🌼 ✼••┈┈••✼••┈┈••✼••┈┈••✼ I wish you happiness always. ✼••┈┈••✼••┈┈••✼••┈┈••✼#羽宮一虎誕生祭2022#羽宮一虎生誕祭2022
🐯HAPPY BIRTHDAY Kazutora🐯君もマイキーに続いて幸せになってほしいよ。世界線とかよくわかんなくなってるけど、東京卍會の創設メンバーになってくれてありがとう。#羽宮一虎誕生祭2022

Many more fans have posted on Twitter images that contain all their Kazutora-related items. These items include everything from official plush toys with Kazutora’s image, to handmade pins and stickers that help fans display their love for Valhalla’s number 3.

Some went as far as to buy little cakes or cupcakes to give Hanemiya a chance to make a wish on his special day.

omg happy kazutora day 🫶🫶

Twitter has also been flooded with images of the best moments of Kazutora in the Tokyo Revengers manga. Fans are remembering the most iconic moments his character has been involved with, like his time in the future with Chifuyu.

What makes Kazutora's birthday art so bittersweet is that now we know none of those things ever got to happen in the original timeline. I have to know what happened to Kazutora in it. Was he still able to become friends with Baji? Or was he left all alone?
happy kazutora day, remember that kazutora found his first real friend in baji on his birthday which turned it from his worst birthday ever to the best day of his life
Happy Tora day! Wanted to make something extra special 🥰 here’s some Bajitora to celebrate <33#bajitora #baji #kazutora #TokyoRevengers #toman #東卍FA

His birthday also came with a bittersweet reminder of the first time Baji and Kazutora met. It was exactly on a day like today, September 15, when Baji tried his best to turn one of Hanemiya’s worst birthdays into his best by becoming one of his best friends.

These moments are hard to bear for many fans who have not been able to process all the events that revolved around Kazutora and Baji. During the Valhalla arc, Hanemiya felt like Baji betrayed him when the black-haired teen revealed he was still loyal to Toman.

This caused Kazutora to break, stabbing Baji in the back, despite the history they had together.

Baji ended up having to sacrifice himself to prevent Kazutora from becoming a murderer. Fans wished Baji was still around to accompany one of his best friends on such a special occasion as his birthday.

Final thoughts

Kazutora as seen in Tokyo Revengers (Image via Ken Wakui, Kodansha)
Kazutora as seen in Tokyo Revengers (Image via Ken Wakui, Kodansha)

Regardless of how small his time in the Tokyo Revengers manga has been compared to other characters, Kazutora is still an iconic part of the franchise. He has been there since the beginning of the Tokyo Maji gang and his actions have been of vital importance to the plot of the series.

It is amazing to see fans come together to celebrate the birthday of such an important and unique character. We also had the chance to witness the outstanding drawing skills many Tokyo Revengers fans possess, which is always a welcome surprise.

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