Tokyo Revengers: Why the identity of the second time-leaper makes no sense

Understanding why the identity of the second time-leaper makes no sense (Image via LIDENFILMS)
Understanding why the identity of the second time-leaper makes no sense (Image via LIDENFILMS)

Tokyo Revengers is progressing at a steady rate, and fans are trying to make sense of all the chaotic elements in the plot at the moment. The fight between Mikey and Takemichi continued, and the latest chapter revealed crucial information that shocked the entire fanbase.

Fans were aware of the existence of another time-leaper apart from Takemichi. However, that could have been anyone because there are a lot of inconsistencies in the plot, and it’s difficult to connect the present to the events that took place in the past to understand who it could have been.

For the longest time, the entire Tokyo Revengers fanbase thought that either Sanzu or Hanma would be the second time-leaper. However, this wasn’t really the case.

me trying to collect up all the facts we know about shin and trying to make it make sense somehow😍 #TR268

This article will state who the second time-leaper is and explore why it doesn’t make sense for the person in question to be the other time-leaper in the series. In addition, the article will also speculate on the possible reasons why Ken Wakui decided to have Shinichiro as a time-leaper.

Disclaimer: This article contains major spoilers from the Tokyo Revengers manga series.

Who is the second time-leaper in Tokyo Revengers?

Shinichiro Sano, Mikey’s brother, is the second time-leaper in the series. This left the entire fanbase shocked and, more importantly, confused. Many fans were convinced that Ken Wakui was foreshadowing Sanzu to be the other time-leaper. However, this was confirmed in the recent chapter when Mikey stated that his brother was the other time-leaper.

Why are fans unable to make sense of this?

For the past 100 odd chapters, fans have been trying to understand if the series ever provided a hint with respect to Shinichiro being the second time-leaper. If we go back to the earlier stages of the series, when Kisaki Tetta was causing problems for Takemichi, he was always one step ahead of the protagonist.

Takemichi had to go back in the past multiple times in order to solve a problem, and Kisaki was the root cause of another. Therefore, speculations led fans to believe that he was the second time-leaper.

Kisaki showing that he knew the concept of time-leaping despite not being a time-leaper (Image via Ken Wakui/Kodansha)
Kisaki showing that he knew the concept of time-leaping despite not being a time-leaper (Image via Ken Wakui/Kodansha)

Later, it was confirmed that Tetta wasn’t the second time-leaper in Tokyo Revengers. If that was the case, how did he manage to stay one step ahead of Takemichi even though he had no time-leaping abilities?

Going by the present status in the plot, Shinichiro was killed by Kazutora when they broke into his shop. However, this is one of the first inconsistencies that one could observe in Tokyo Revengers.

Tokyo Revengers Theory: Why I believe Shuji Hanma is a time leaper and not Tetta Kisaki.⚠️⚠️⚠️WARNING: THIS WILL CONTAIN MANGA SPOILERS!!!! ⚠️⚠️⚠️

This is when Hanma comes into the equation. The possibility of a third time-leaper cannot be denied because there is no other possible explanation as to how Kisaki could repeatedly foil Takemichi’s plan since Shinichiro is dead at this point.

Tetta worked quite closely with Hanma, and the former's confidence in starting his plans from scratch repeatedly could hint at the possibility of the latter being another time-leaper. If the show decided to have only two time-leapers, then Hanma would have been a better fit compared to Shinichiro when we account for all the events that took place in the past.

These are some of the inconsistencies in Tokyo Revengers that made it difficult for fans to make sense of Shinichiro being the time-leaper.

Does Shinichiro being a time-leaper makes sense?

TOKYO REVENGERS 269 SPOILERS.................Po tych panelach zacznę udawać, że ten chapter nie istniał

Chapter 269 revealed that Mikey was in a vegetative state, which led to Shinichiro wanting to save him. This was the reason provided by the series, but it felt like an alternate timeline was created only to justify that Shinichiro was a time-leaper.

There were no events that hinted at Shinichiro being a time-leaper. However, this is a great move in the sense that Ken Wakui could expand the storyline to create a prequel that focuses on Shincihiro being the protagonist of the story.

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