What can you expect in One Piece chapter 1065?

Dragon once again becomes a focus with the latest One Piece chapter
Dragon once again becomes a focus with the latest One Piece chapter's unofficial release (Image via Toei Animation)

With the recent unofficial release of One Piece chapter 1064, fans are already clamoring for all the information they can get on chapter 1065. Unfortunately, with One Piece announcing a break for next week, fans will be without veritable spoiler information for the next chapter until the very end of October at the earliest.

While no spoiler information for One Piece chapter 1065 available for quite some time, chapter 1064 thankfully gives fans plenty to theorize on. From Big Mom’s status to the true nature of Shaka Vegapunk and Monkey D. Dragon’s friendship, there are certainly many exciting events being set up as the Egghead Island arc gets underway.

However, there’s always a chance that series author and illustrator Eiichiro Oda will find some brilliantly inventive way to totally and completely subvert reader’s expectations. Follow along as this article fully breaks down what fans can supposedly expect in One Piece chapter 1065, as well as what can be expected beyond the upcoming issue.

One Piece chapter 1065 likely to end Blackbeard vs. Law, cement who main Stella Vegapunk body is, and more

What to expect

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First and foremost, One Piece chapter 1065 is incredibly likely to revisit Blackbeard versus Law for the final time. While Oda could offscreen the rest of the fight from what was last seen in chapter 1064, to do so now as Blackbeard seemed set to launch a counter offensive wouldn’t match Oda’s style.

As a result, fans will likely see somewhat of a conclusion in the fight, if not a full-on conclusion with a clearly announced winner. However, what’s more likely to occur is something mirroring Blackbeard’s fight with Ace, in which fans see each fighter launch their strongest attacks at one another with no visible resolution.

In any case, Blackbeard is likely to win against Law, whether this is confirmed in One Piece chapter 1065 or beyond. To have Law win wouldn’t particularly change the current landscape of the series in any way, meaning a victory for Blackbeard is much more likely. Additionally, having Law’s crew defeat Blackbeard so early on in the final saga raises the issue of who the Straw Hats will fight.

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Another major aspect of chapter 1064 which fans may see One Piece chapter 1065 further elaborate on is the status of Big Mom. While spoilers initially pegged Pudding’s comment as indicating the former Yonko’s confirmed death, scanlations have actually translated Pudding’s words as showing she’s unsure of Big Mom’s status.

Without a doubt, her and Kaido’s status are some of the biggest question marks in the series currently, and are ones which Oda will have to eventually address. With Pudding having been captured by the Blackbeard Pirates and the crew having ransacked Totto Land, there’s no better time for Big Mom to have her status confirmed, or even return.

The latter scenario would be particularly interesting, especially if the former Yonko is able to find her way to where Blackbeard and Law are currently fighting. This would allow her to reap her revenge on two people in the story who’ve wronged her more than most anyone else has, as well as rescue Pudding and come into possession of Kaido’s Road Poneglyph.


Finally, there’s the matter of Shaka Vegapunk, and what he wants with the Straw Hats as well as the nature of his relationship with Monkey D Dragon. Fans can expect One Piece chapter 1065 to most definitely address the former, with the Straw Hats having recently arrived at Shaka’s lab.

Considering him having spoken to Monkey D Dragon at the end of chapter 1064, he’ll most likely be asking the Straw Hats to join his side in the fight against the World Government. It’s hard to believe he’d maintain a relationship with Dragon and still support the World Government, suggesting such an outcome.


As for the exact nature of his relationship with Dragon, it will most likely not be revealed in One Piece chapter 1065. With only so many pages to work with, Oda would likely choose to instead establish Vegapunk’s interest in bringing the Straw Hats into the fold.

As a result, the most likely scenario for chapter 1065 is a long, drawn-out conversation between Shaka Vegapunk and the Straw Hats. This will likely set up the rest of the Egghead Island arc, as well as indicate exactly who the Straw Hats will be allying themselves with should they join Vegapunk’s efforts.

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