What to expect from Boruto Chapter 72?

Will Code be a part of Boruto Chapter 72? (Image via Masashi Kishimoto/Shueisha)
Will Code be a part of Boruto Chapter 72? (Image via Masashi Kishimoto/Shueisha)
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Fans have been waiting for the release of Boruto Chapter 72 and the continuation of the conflict between Code and Konoha for a long time. After a lengthy hiatus, the wait will finally be over in a few more days.

The chapter is set to release next Saturday, August 20, and fans are already trying to learn everything they can about it. So, in order to prepare everyone for the events that will transpire in Boruto Chapter 72, this article will talk about the things its plot could offer

Disclaimer: This article reflects the author’s opinion and contains spoilers for the Boruto manga.

What will happen with the remaining members of Kara in Boruto Chapter 72?

What happened last time?

Boruto Chapter 71 started with Amado about to be killed by a limitless Code, as he did not serve a purpose for the android anymore. To save himself, Amado told Eida that he could help her with her crush on Kawaki, trying to make the girl see that he could still be of use to her.

Code was not willing to listen to Amado’s ramblings and still tried to kill him, only to be stopped by Daemon. Code’s intent to kill the child immediately resulted in him taking physical damage and making Eida question if allying with him was the right decision. Not knowing how Daemon's power worked, Code was unable to land a single hit on him, even without his limiters in place.

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Far from there, Shikamaru was talking with Boruto, Kawaki, Sasuke, and Naruto about the androids, claiming there was another enemy besides Code and Eida, referring to Daemon. Back with the Kara members, Eida decided to break up her alliance with Code, which prompted the young man to confess his love for her.

Eida was unsure if his feelings were genuine or a side effect of her power but was done with him either way. Code convinced himself that this issue was all Daemon’s fault and tried once again to kill the child. Bug revealed to Code that Daemon needed to be touching someone with his palms in order to use his power.

I see Code’s story going two ways1. He invades Konoha right away, kills a few people and then dies in battle. Then we hit the timeskip and part 2 focuses on otsutsuki threats2. He decides to wait, gather allies and plan his attack. He then assaults Konoha after the timeskip

Thinking he could win with this information, Code tried to attack Daemon from behind, only to get absolutely destroyed by him. Recognizing that he was outmatched, Code took Bug and escaped from their hideout, but not before mentioning that he would decide if he wanted to love Eida or kill her the next time they saw each other.

Amado took advantage of this brief moment of peace to convince Eida and Daemon to accompany him to Konoha. The chapter ended with an enraged Code promising he would destroy everything Kawaki held dear.

What is at stake in Boruto Chapter 72?

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The plot of the series is thickening with each new addition to the manga. Now that the threat created by Isshiki has been handled, Code is the new main villain in the series, which is not good for Kawaki. The android is furious with him, thinking the boy is responsible for his misfortunes in life.

Although he is still not the most powerful individual in the series, underestimating him could be one of the biggest mistakes our heroes could make. He does not have any kind of limiters placed on him, which makes him more powerful than Naruto and Sasuke at the moment.

It will fall on Boruto and Kawaki’s shoulders to defeat this imposing enemy, something that could prove fatal for either of them. Both Uzumaki boys are now complete Otsutsukis, making them the perfect candidates to sacrifice for Juubi. If either of them is defeated by Code, the Ten-tails will be complete, giving the android even more power.

Besides this immediate threat, fans still need to consider the vague statements made by Amado in the last chapter. He said Kawaki is his secret weapon in not only being allowed to stay in Konoha but also for his ultimate goal, which is still unknown. Boruto Chapter 72 may delve deeper into Amado's plans, as well as Kawaki's secrets.

@slucciii If Amado is willing to tell his plans with everyone at Konoha makes this more interesting

Amado has been a shady character who has never been truly honest about his intentions. Now that fans know Kawaki is a part of his plans, they cannot help but wonder if this could be the reason for his descent into darkness.

Final thoughts

As of right now, we have no spoilers about the plot of Boruto Chapter 72, so anything could happen when the chapter is finally released. Nonetheless, fans have many clues as to what the chapter could end up dealing with.

Code is obviously the most dangerous enemy for our heroes at the moment, so Boruto Chapter 72 may focus on their strategy to take this enemy down. On the other hand, it could also deal with Amado’s reveal, as well as Eida and Daemon joining Konoha.

No matter what, fans can be almost certain that Kara and its members will be one of the central focuses of the chapter. The pieces will most likely be set for the events that will transpire in the new arc.

Despite this, fans can only hope that Boruto Chapter 72 will be enjoyable and will continue with the engaging plot that Boruto’s manga has been following for a while.

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