What to expect from My Hero Academia chapter 380 spoilers 

While fans are desperate to see Bakugo return in the upcoming issue, this is unfortunately unlikely (Image via Studio Bones)
While fans are desperate to see Bakugo return in the upcoming issue, it is unfortunately unlikely. (Image via Studio Bones)

Following the latest issue, fans of author and illustrator Kōhei Horikoshi’s original manga have been praising the recent turn of events, and waiting eagerly for My Hero Academia chapter 380. The return of Tomura Shigaraki as well as several other villains, who, unlike Tomura, turn to the good side, has been one of the most well-received plot twists in the series’ final arc so far.

As excited as fans are over recent developments, many have begun looking ahead and theorizing what they might possibly see in My Hero Academia chapter 380 and beyond. While no verified spoiler information has been released for the upcoming issue as of this article’s writing, fans are confident that the upcoming issue will follow a rather obvious path.

Follow along as this article fully breaks down what to expect from the My Hero Academia chapter 380 spoilers set to release sometime this week.

My Hero Academia chapter 380 likely to feature Deku vs. Shigaraki and focus on the latter’s current mindset and goals

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My Hero Academia chapter 380 spoilers will likely focus on Deku versus Shigaraki in general. Before zooming in on it exclusively, there is a chance that fans will also receive commentary from other characters on the matter, either from those in the flying coffin or in Tsukauchi’s war room. In any case, this will likely be a quick scene which will simply see others being updated on the current situation.

This incident should then give way to Deku versus Shigaraki, where fans can expect the two to briefly talk before beginning their fight. While the fight might be a waste of time, since Deku is on a time limit for how long he can fight, thanks to Gearshift, the showdown might be done for a greater narrative purpose that will be revealed later.

However, it’s unlikely that this lost time will be shown directly impacting Deku on this issue.

Beyond this, fans can also expect My Hero Academia chapter 380 to mainly consist of two exchanging blows. Since Shigaraki now has control of all of his Quirks back, fans have a chance of seeing him demonstrate combination moves like All For One once did. However, it’s unlikely that any of this will do major damage to Deku in this issue.

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Instead, the issue will probably see Deku getting in as much damage as he can before his Gearshift time limit is reached. Once this happens, it’s unclear exactly what the impact on his body will be. However, based on what the Second User has to say, it sounds like Deku will be unable to fight for at least a brief period of time.

This has the potential to set up a point in time beyond My Hero Academia chapter 380 in which Deku is forced to take some of Shigaraki’s attacks head on. However, chapter 380 spoilers will likely not show this, instead focusing on Deku getting his attacks in while he can. A time update from the Second User is likely to appear here, as a looming reminder of what awaits Deku in the near future.

The chapter may even end with this reminder, setting up an exciting cliffhanger for the next issue. However, this is all speculative, with no verifiable spoiler information for the chapter available as of this article’s writing. As a result, fans should keep an open mind to whatever the chapter’s spoilers may turn out to be.

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