Where to watch Astro Boy anime? Streaming details explored

Astro Boy (Image via Tezuka Productions)
Astro Boy (Image via Tezuka Productions)

Many deem Astro Boy to be the anime that paved the way for the anime industry as we know it today. Credited as being the first-ever show that introduced the world to the wonders of Japanese animation, the series boasts a legacy that remains unsurpassed even today.

The original 1952 manga by Osamu Tezuka, titled Astro Boy, or Mighty Atom, as it is known in Japan, was adapted into three separate anime series over the years. The first anime adaptation was made in 1963, and was an immediate success throughout its run of 193 episodes.

It was followed by a color remake in 1980 with a slightly darker undertone as compared to its predecessor. The latest anime adaptation hit the screen on 2003, commemorating the 40th anniversary of the 1963 original.

Where can you watch every Astro Boy series?

Astro Boy 1963 and 1980 can both be streamed on RetroCrush, while the 1963 version is also available on Funimation Now. The last adaptation, Astro Boy (2003) is available on Yidio. Viewers can also watch the series on demand on Apple TV and Amazon Prime.

Every Astro Boy series is also available for purchase as home media in DVD/Blu Ray versions. The first two series, 1963 and 1980 renditions, were released as box sets by Madman Entertainment. The 2003 version, originally licensed for distribution by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, was later released as home media by Mill Creek Entertainment.

The original 1963 series made history as the very first Japanese animated show to make it to the US, where it aired for the first time from September 7, 1963, to June 4, 1965. Its success on a global scale boosted the industry’s fame to unprecedented heights, the legacy of which we celebrate to this day.

Besides the main three anime shows, the manga has also spawned a massive franchise consisting of movies, video games, and more.

In 2009, it was adapted into a CGI animated movie, the English version of which stars Hollywood icon Nicholas Cage, with Freddie Highmore voicing the titular lead. In 2015, it was announced that a live-action movie would possibly be in production by Warner Brothers Studios, but we don’t have any further news on it.

Here is how the 1963 series is summarized in the official website of Anime News Network:

In the distant year 2003, Japan is a technological utopia, and robots are everywhere. One such robot, Tobio, was built by the brilliant Dr. Tenma to replace his dead son. But when it soon becomes apparent that Tobio is an imperfect copy of his departed child, Dr. Tenma throws him out. He is rescued from the scrap heap by the benevolent Professor Ochanomizu, a crusader for robot civil rights."

It further continues:

"Now the little robot, renamed Astro Boy, is given a mission to defend Japan and the world from all manner of sinister threats. Using his seven super-abilities and 100,000 horsepower worth of strength to battle evil, Astro hopes to set an example to the world of the good which all robots are capable of."

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