Who does Rock Lee marry in Boruto?

Rock Lee in Six Gates Release Mode (Image via Studio Pierrot)
Rock Lee in Six Gates Release Mode (Image via Studio Pierrot)

Rock Lee is one of Naruto's friends from the Naruto series. As his friends and fellow Shinobi supposedly shaped Naruto's journey to becoming a Hokage, these characters seem to have left their mark on the fandom. Now, in Boruto, children of all these characters are seemingly running the show with their adventures alongside their parents.

However, even among them, one character seems to have never been introduced, and that is the wife of Rock Lee and the mother of his son Metal Lee.

Who does Rock Lee marry in Boruto?


Boruto: Naruto Next Generations reintroduced the original Naruto characters in their older age, now married and with children, whom the series seems to be centered around.

Most of Naruto's peers, along with Naruto himself, are now married and parents to the new generations of Shinobi, i.e., Boruto, Sarada, Shikadai, Inojin, Chocho as well as Metal Lee. Who, according to the show, is Rock Lee's son.

Although the show seems to give clear answers about most of the other characters' parentage, fans are never introduced to Metal's mother. This gave rise to a lot of debates in the fandom.

While some seemed to assume that it was Tenten, a fact that was later discredited as it became clear that she is not married yet, some seemed to assume that Metal is Lee's adopted son and so a mother is possibly nonexistent. As his wife was never mentioned in the series, fans seemed to assume that he never got married.

Others also theorized that it could be Azami, the daughter of the civil councilor Tsubaki and a master Taijutsu user, a character that was introduced in a filler arc whom, according to some fans, Lee supposedly married. The real answer is yet to be concluded as there is no official basis for any of these theories, and the creator does not seem to be in any hurry to provide these answers.

However, this also seems to be a theme of the story with the predominantly Taijutsu users according to some fans. Even in Might Guy's case, fans witnessed his father, yet his mother was never mentioned.

Again, with Rock Lee, Kishimoto seemed to put Guy sensei as his father figure while the identity of his parents remained a complete mystery. Now, the same thing seems to be happening in the case of his son.

So, will the fans ever find an answer to this question? Will the identity of Rock Lee's wife and Metal Lee's mother ever be disclosed? That is something the fandom will have to wait for as more episodes and chapters get released in time. For more updates on Boruto, stay tuned here.

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