Why Deku needs to return in My Hero Academia Chapter 364

Deku still hasn't arrived from his detour (Image via My Hero Academia/Shueisha/Studio Bones)
Deku still hasn't arrived from his detour (Image via My Hero Academia/Shueisha/Studio Bones)

Izuku Midoriya, aka Deku, really needs to get himself back on the battlefield in My Hero Academia Chapter 364.

The previous chapter showed that most of the villains were simply warming up. The likes of AFO, Dabi, and Skeptic look set to make some major plays in My Hero Academia Chapter 364. The heroes could really use some help right now.

Deku was originally supposed to fight Shigaraki at the floating U.A. Unfortunately, Himiko Toga messed up the Warp Gate strategy and sent Deku to Okuto Island. Readers can only hope that he makes it back in time for My Hero Academia Chapter 364.

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Deku cannot make his return fast enough for My Hero Academia Chapter 364

The villains are making a comeback

Despite everyone's best efforts, the heroes aren't making any progress against the villains in My Hero Academia. Their biggest adversaries outright survived powerful special moves. Shigaraki tanked Tamaki's Plasma Cannon, AFO survived Endeavor's Prominence Burn, and Dabi endured Shoto's Great Glacier Aegir.

Deku obviously won't be able to fight everybody if he makes it in My Hero Academia Chapter 364. However, what the heroes really need right now is hope. The situation is looking very bleak at the moment. Morale is running low, and everybody is worried about the final outcome.

What also doesn't help is that Skeptic is keeping track of everybody with a satellite. He will definitely play a pivotal role in the final arc.

Deku needs to make it to the U.A. sooner rather than later or else Skeptic could attack the civilians there. My Hero Academia Chapter 364 could be a turning point for the worst.

There will be hero casualties

It goes without saying that many readers are worried about the heroes. Lots of potential death flags will be raised, even long past the events of My Hero Academia Chapter 364. Dabi already severely burned some of Endeavor's sidekicks in the last chapter.

Of course, readers are mostly concerned about Bakugo's current state. With a hole in his chest via Shigaraki's arm, Bakugo might as well be dead by this point. He doesn't even have a pulse anymore.

Deku might already be too late in My Hero Academia Chapter 364. However, readers will never know until he makes it to the U.A. With Bakugo down, the rest of the heroes won't fare much better against Shigaraki. Only someone with the OFA Quirk can stop him at this point.

Deku is the only person who can take on Shigaraki

Deku versus Shigaraki is what readers have been waiting for since the beginning of the series. This fight will determine the outcome of the entire war. It doesn't matter if the rest of the villains are done for. Shigaraki is the biggest threat in the entire series. He is the priority target right now.

Readers have to wonder what's taking Deku so long to get there. He is lagging behind even when using the OFA Quirk at full speed.

Too many people are counting on Deku for him to let them down.

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