My Hero Academia Final Arc: All Hero versus Villain matchups in the current war

The journey is almost over for manga readers (Image via Studio Bones)
The journey is almost over for manga readers (Image via Studio Bones)

Readers have been looking forward to the match-ups in the My Hero Academia final arc.

The conflict between heroes and villains will be decided right here and now. After years of building up anticipation, they can settle the score in the My Hero Academia final arc. Some readers may have taken a break, so they need to be caught up to speed.

This article is up to date with Chapter 354. Of course, there could always be potential changes with these matches. The manga will end within a year, so there isn't much time left. With the use of the Warp Gate strategy, everyone has been teleported to their respective battlefields.

Note: This article will contain major spoilers from the manga.

Heroes and Villains face each other one last time in the My Hero Academia final arc

The My Hero Academia final arc is shaping up to be a big one. Some of the matches are already underway, while others have been set up for the next few chapters. Here's a quick look at the ongoing match-ups.

Tomura Shigaraki versus Katsuki Bakugo and the Pro Heroes

Shigaraki is arguably the biggest threat in the My Hero Academia final arc. Most of the top-ranked Pro Heroes are going after him in the floating U.A. High School:

  • Best Jeanist
  • Edgeshot
  • Mirko
  • Nejiro Hado
  • Tamaki Amajiki

Several U.A. students are also nearby in supporting roles:

  • Momo Yaoyorozu
  • Mei Hatsume
  • Denki Kaminari
  • Manga Fukidashi

Meanwhile, Shota Aizawa and Neito Monoma are sitting on the sidelines. Their main purpose is to keep Shigaraki in check, given his destructive powers. Aizawa can no longer effectively use the Erasure Quirk, since he badly damaged his eye in the Paranormal Liberation War.

For that reason, Monoma has to copy his Quirk so they can disable Shigaraki's Decay. That is precisely why they teleported the villain to a floating battefield. It would reduce potential damage on the mainland.

The heroes are trying to hold off until Izuku Midoriya arrives. That will likely be the climactic fight in the My Hero Academia final arc.

All For One versus Endeavor, Hawks, and the Pro Heroes

This battle is currently taking place at the Guna Mountain Villa. Endeavor and Hawks are teaming up with the following Pro Heroes:

  • Pixie-Bob
  • Tiger
  • Shishido
  • Kamui Woods
  • Fumikage Tokoyami
  • Kyoka Jiro

There is a reason for this specific lineup. Based on Stain's intel, Hawks knows that All For One relies on a life support mask. He chose Pro Heroes who could maintain their distance while attacking the villain. Remember, All For One can easily steal their Quirks at close range.

The Pro Heroes won't have an easy time fighting All For One. He is among the strongest villains in the My Hero Academia final arc.

Himiko Toga versus Ochako Uraraka and Tsuyu Asui

Toga, Moonfish, and a few High-End Nomu were teleported to Okuto Island, where they would face off against Gang Orca, Selkie, Ochako Uraraka, and Tsuyu Asui. Izuku Midoriya was also forcefully sent here by Toga, although he managed to escape. He is currently headed for Shigaraki's location.

Horikoshi has been hyping up this match ever since the Forest Training Camp. Ochako and Tsuyu can finally deal with Toga in the My Hero Academia final war. The villain was always very obsessive with them.

It should be noted that Toga has access to Twice's blood, which means she can transform into him and use his duplicating abilities. This could prove to be very dangerous in the My Hero Academia final arc.

Shoto Todoroki versus Dabi

This is the first major battle to conclude in the My Hero Academia final arc. Over at the Kamino Ward, Shoto finally proved himself against his elder brother. He did so with the assistance of Endeavor's sidekicks. Burnin, Onima, and Kido all provided support for Shoto.

Using his most powerful super move, Shoto froze Dabi with his cold fire technique. It was a highly emotional battle, given their conflicted history. At the very least, Shoto prevented Dabi from burning himself to death. Tenya Ida also showed up to carry everybody.

Readers can only hope the rest of the fights are just as good in the My Hero Academia final arc.

Mina Ashido and Eijiro Kirishima versus Midnight's killer

The My Hero Academia final arc will also feature relatively minor characters. Several villains are heading straight for the Jaku Hospital Ruins, where Gigantomachia is currently detained. However, the location is heavily guarded by Pro Heroes and U.A. students.

Mt. Lady is currently stationed at the hospital. She is accompanied by Class 1-B students like Yui Kodai, Reiko Yanagi, and Juzo Honenuki. Class 1-A is also there with Mina Ashido, Eijiro Kirishima, and Minoru Mineta.

The villain who killed Midnight in the Paranormal Liberation War will be taking part in this battle. It's going to be a very personal matchip for Mina and Eijiro. Midnight is still fondly remembered in the My Hero Academia final arc, so this is their chance to avenge her death.

Yuga Aoyoma versus Kunieda

Yuga is among the very few heroes that didn't get warped from the original battlefield. Fatgum is watching over him inside the parking lot, while they fight the remaining villains in the area. One of them includes the mysterious Kunieda, who seems to have a poisonous Quirk related to flowers.

Funny enough, Yuga is the main reason why these matchups are taking place in the My Hero Academia final arc. He tricked All For One into showing up with his army. As a result, the young student earned the scorn of many villains.

Mezo Shoji versus Spinner

Spinner and his army of Mutant Quirk users are heading over to the Central Hospital. All For One gave him a Gigantification Quirk, so the reptile villain is far more powerful now. Spinner is looking to free Kurogiri from the hospital.

Meanwhile, Present Mic is situated in the area, given his deeply personal connection with Kurogiri. He did announce Shoto's victory, although Spinner didn't buy it for a second.

The My Hero Academia final arc will also finally put the spotlight on Mezo Shoji. In a way, he represents light while Spinner represents darkness. They both dealt with discrimination growing up, yet they chose different paths in life.

Class 1-A students versus unknown villain

Rikido Sato, Hanta Sero, and Mashirao Ojiro are currently stationed at the National Takoba Arena. The Class 1-A students can be seen fighting a mysterious villain, whose identity has yet to be revealed. Judging by Sero's reactions, he seems to be very concerned in this particular fight.

Note: This article reflects the writer's personal views.

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