Why Garou hates Heroes in One Punch Man, explained

Garou as seen in One Punch Man (Image via Bones)
Garou as seen in One Punch Man (Image via Bones)

One Punch Man is loved for its distinctive storyline and for featuring a plethora of heroes who have made a mark on everyone’s heart with their unique capabilities and their personality. However, over the course of time, villains have started garnering more attention with their remarkable feats, and one fine example of it is Garou from One Punch Man.

Garou is one of the best antagonists of One Punch Man, who, despite being human, turned into a terrifying monster who loves to wreak havoc upon heroes. The self-proclaimed monster/ hero hunter does not want to hurt normal humans but has a strong sense of hostility towards heroes. There is a reason behind his detestation, which was triggered in his childhood.

Garou’s animosity towards heroes in One Punch Man explained


Like every other individual in their childhood, Garou too liked heroes once upon a time and was fascinated by their powerful feats. Garou wanted to be acknowledged from the beginning and he did not have many friends. He was constantly bullied by the kids who were popular in the school, who abused him both physically and mentally.

A kid named Tacchan made Garou’s life a nightmare, and is the very reason behind his hatred towards Heroes. Tacchan liked to toy with his victims by playing Heroes vs Monsters, where every time Garou had to become a treacherous monster, Tacchan would be the Justice Man. After Tacchan becomes the Justice Man, he would beat up Garou badly.

Garou noticed that everyone was cheering for the Justice Man (Tacchan), but no one cared about the weak Monster (him), who got beaten up for nothing. Garou made up a perception in his mind that it is always the popular ones who receive all the attention and the rest get disregarded. He started contradicting his life with the actual monsters and proclaimed himself to be one of them.

For starters, he defeated every low-ranking hero in One Punch Man, who stood in his path, but later he specifically targeted the S-Rank heroes to seek more fun out of the combat. The stronger his opponents, the more his bloodlust starts to grow. At times, Garou exemplifies his antagonistic traits by fighting like a real monster, where his movements become akin to a beast.

No matter how worn down he would be, he would never miss a chance fighting an S-Rank hero. After his fight with Watchdog Man, he was not in a good state to take on an S-Rank, but despite the consequences, he charged against King and Saitama.

Although Garou was defeated by Saitama’s kick, he would put up a fair fight against anyone not as overpowered as the latter in One Punch Man. Being the former best disciple of Bang, Garou is highly proficient in Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist. However, he was expelled from the Dojo for making all the skilled students of Bang disabled for life.

Despite claiming himself to be a monster, he declined the offer to join the Monster Association when the monsters tried to recruit him. Moreover, he still retains a little humanity, as seen while protecting Tareo, while he was hiding in a shed from Gatling Gun’s Death Shower.

Although he survived, he put his own life at risk by getting severe injuries, and all that for a kid which is commendable.

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