8 One-Punch Man characters who deserved more screentime

Mumen Rider definitely deserves more screentime (Image via Madhouse)
Mumen Rider definitely deserves more screentime (Image via Madhouse)

One-Punch Man has a multitude of heroes and villains. They each have cool personalities and could easily play lead roles in the series.

However, since the show is focused on Saitama, these characters rarely get any screentime. Saitama either beats the villains or outshines the heroes on this list.

It would be interesting to see each of these characters get more screentime if the series ever gets a new season.

8 characters in the One-Punch Man anime that should have made more appearances on screen

1) Tatsumaki

Tatsumaki as she appears in the show (Image via Madhouse)
Tatsumaki as she appears in the show (Image via Madhouse)

Tatsumaki is the number 2 S-Class hero and the strongest esper in One-Punch Man.

With her telekinetic powers, she is capable of crushing even the most powerful enemies without too much effort.

If she had more screentime in the anime, many of the most powerful villains would not have been threats at all.

2) Mumen Rider


Mumen Rider is the number 1 C-Class hero and lacks any type of superhuman ability. However, he is one of the most beloved heroes amongst the One-Punch Man fanbase.

Mumen Rider is a regular guy who rides his bike around to find and help anybody in need. Despite lacking strength, he goes up against incredibly powerful foes without any fear. This displays his determination and perseverance.

The hero never gives up until the villain is defeated, even if that means he will be severely injured or killed.

3) Lord Boros


Lord Boros was the final villain of One-Punch Man Season 1 and perhaps the strongest villain Saitama has faced to date.

He was the first character to make Saitama use his Killer Move: Serious Series - Serious Punch.

4) Child Emperor


Child Emperor may only be 10 years old, but he is also an S-Class Rank 5 hero. He is the Hero Association's youngest hero.

Instead of solely relying on physical strength like Saitama, Child Emperor mostly uses his brainpower. His genius level of intelligence gives him the ability to create advanced technologies and formulate strategies with various contingency plans.

5) Atomic Samurai

Atomic Samurai, also known as Kamikaze, is one rank above Child Emperor, making him the S-Class Rank 4 hero. He is an incredibly skilled and powerful swordsman. He uses his abilities to cut up and destroy any monster that decides to wreak havoc.

Using his signature attack, Atomic Slash, Atomic Samurai can perform over 100 high-speed sword slashes, mincing his opponents in seconds.

6) Blast


Blast has barely made any appearances in the One-Punch Man series. In fact, the only time he appears in the anime is as a mysterious character in a flashback. His face was never revealed in the anime, but fans do know that he is incredibly powerful.

This is reflected by his position as S-Class Rank 1 of the Hero Association. Everyone is excited to see how powerful Blast truly is and if he can fight on the same level as Saitama.

7) Metal Knight


Metal Knight, sometimes referred to as Dr. Bofoi, is the S-Class Rank 6 hero of the Hero Association in One-Punch Man. He only appears a handful of times in the anime.

Metal Knight uses his intelligence and weapon sponsorships to create his own mechas that he can control remotely. He sends them in place of his actual body and is able to take down monsters from a safe distance.

8) Bomb

Bomb is the older brother of Bang, also known as Silver Fang. He is a master martial artist credited with creating the Whirlwind Iron Cutting Fist technique. By combining this technique with his younger brother's Water Stream Rock Crushing Fist, they almost killed Elder Centipede with one hit.

Although he is not a member of the Hero Association, Bomb is incredibly powerful and would be able to go head-to-head with Bang any day. He could easily become an S-Class hero.

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