Why the people of Paradis support Eren and the Rumbling in Attack on Titan

The Nine Titans play a key role in Marley and Eldia's interwoven history (Image via Wit Studios)
The Nine Titans play a key role in Marley and Eldia's interwoven history (Image via Wit Studios)

As Attack on Titan’s final season gets closer to its end, fans are seeing more and more Paradisians showing their support for Eren and the Rumbling. While not all citizens support his actions, a good number of them appear to be in favor of annihilating the rest of the world's population.

For some fans, the support that the people of Paradis are showing to Eren and the Yeagerists may be somewhat confusing and sudden. While an understandable assessment, the Paradisians have many long-standing reasons to support the current events.

Follow along as this article breaks down why the people of Paradis support Eren and the Rumbling in Attack on Titan.

Disclaimer: This article reflects the opinions of the writer. Attack on Titan lore and ending spoilers below.

Eldian and Marleyan interwoven history responsible for support that Attack on Titan’s Rumbling receives

Attack on Titan: Eldian empire history and the Marleyan uprising

#AttackonTitanFinalSeasonpart2 The episode shows how Eren's Rumbling Plan has not only affected the other regions but Eldian Empire also.Now they have divided into two - one group supports Eren and the other group wants to kill Eren.Can't wait to see which group will win.

2,000 years before Attack on Titan’s story begins, an Eldian slave girl named Ymir gained the power of the Titans. The Eldian King, Fritz, used the Titan powers to wage war against nations like Marley and enslave their people. Eventually, Ymir’s powers split into Nine Titans. They were subsequently used to further grow and maintain the Eldian empire.

Eventually, the Eldian empire ran out of enemies and began in-fighting, with eight of the nine royal houses beginning to battle for power. The Fritz family, who are in possession of the founding Titan, stayed out of the fight and tried to maintain order.

The 145th Eldian King, Karl Fritz, had no desire to partake in the fighting anymore. After planning with the Tybur family, who are holders of the War Hammer Titan, to end Eldian rule, Karl Fritz retreated to Paradis with a portion of the Eldian population.

Without the Founding Titan’s power, the Eldian empire eventually collapsed, allowing Marley to gain seven of the Nine Titans in the process.

Once on Paradis, King Fritz used Ymir’s powers to build the Colossal Titans and form the walls. He then threatened to use the Colossal Titans to flatten the world if Paradis ever came under attack, although this was a false sentiment in the end. Nevertheless, King Fritz had guaranteed the Eldian empire’s safety for at least some time.

I wish the Great Titan War gets animated so yeagerist apologists can see how fcked up the Eldian Empire was and have the idea how the yeagerists literally dragging Paradis to become the old, cruel, facist Eldian Empire.

Eldians not living on Paradis, meanwhile, became low-class citizens in the new Marleyan empire. They were forced to live in internment camps, wore armbands that distinguished their heritage, and were constantly under threat of being turned into Pure Titans. Simultaneously, Marley used seven of the Eldian empire’s Nine Titans to become a dominant global superpower.

Attack on Titan: Present day

However, this domination didn’t last. As seen in the first half of Attack on Titan’s final season, global military technology was catching up to the power of the Nine Titans. This knowledge, even prior to Attack on Titan’s beginning, served as motivation to reclaim the Founding Titan.

As a result, the Marleyan empire sent four Warriors (Eldian citizens who were chosen to carry the Nine Titans) to invade Paradis and reclaim the Founding Titan. These Warriors are responsible for the attacks seen in Attack on Titan’s premiere episode and chapter, as well as future attacks by the Nine.

This is the primary reason why the people of Paradis have to support Eren and the Rumbling. Many Paradisian lives and a majority of their territory were lost that day. Those who did survive lived in a changed world, with the threat of Titans no longer guaranteed to be a wall away.

@yoyoshidas The Marley arc was so essential tbhThat change of perspective grounded us to the realities faced by every cast memberOf a cruel world that denies your dignity, of false heroism where you praised for being useful and for killing "enemies""We are all the same" indeed

Even beyond this direct attack, the people of Paradis have Marley to blame for so much of their woes and heartache. The Pure Titans that Marley created out of its prisoners killed so many Survey Corps members, the sons and daughters of the island’s citizens. They’re also why humanity had to retreat behind the walls in the first place (as far as they knew at the time).

When Eren returns to Paradis in Attack on Titan’s final season, the citizens are made aware of Willy Tybur and Marley’s declaration of war. Essentially, they had announced their intent to wipe out the last remnant of the Eldian empire.

With this knowledge and the fact that Eren provided an easy way for the Eldians to retaliate, it’s no wonder why they support him and the Rumbling. Although an incredibly violent and apocalyptic solution, it is one that Paradis’ citizens clearly think is best for their home.

In summation

Given the pre-story history of the Eldian and Marleyan empire as well as Attack on Titan’s events, it’s no wonder the Rumbling is supported. Eren’s plan, as seen in the second part of the series' final season, is very clearly a threat to life on Earth, excluding Paradis.

With such a violent and swift end to the source of their troubles, as seen in the story, it’s understandable why the island’s citizens support Eren and the Rumbling. Although an extreme measure, the storied history of Eldian and Marleyan history portrays this solution in a light of inevitability.

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