Will Demon Slayer Season 3 wrap up the anime series?

Discussing the possibility of the anime series concluding in three seasons (image via Ufotable)
Discussing the possibility of the anime series concluding in three seasons (image via Ufotable)

Fans were hyped as Demon Slayer announced that the third season had entered the production stage. Fans have every reason to look forward to the upcoming season as Ufotable nailed the animation for the recent arc.

However, fans are discussing the possibilities of the upcoming season marking the end of the anime series. Those who have read the manga are analyzing the quantity of content available and whether or not the upcoming season will conclude the series.

Note: This article explores some of the speculations revolving around the length of the series as fans await further announcements from Ufotable.

Will Season 3 mark the end of Demon Slayer?

Based on how Demon Slayer is adapting the manga, it is unlikely for them to include filler episodes. That being said, the odds of Season 3 concluding the series are slim. We know that the third season will begin by adapting the Swordsmith Village arc, which has enough content for about 12 to 13 episodes. This arc will feature two important fights that take place in the Swordsmith Village between members of the Demon Slayer Corps and the Upper Moon demons.

It is highly likely that the third season will end by adapting the Hashira training arc, since the Swordsmith Village arc does not have enough content for 23 episodes. Demon Slayer might feature a fourth season since the last arc (Final Battle arc) of the series is further split into two parts: the Infinity Castle arc and Sunrise Countdown arc.

These arcs of the series have a ton of action, which means that all of the content cannot fit into the next season of the series. The Final Battle arc alone has about 65 to 68 chapters that need to be adapted. The first season (which was 26 episodes long) adapted the first six arcs, which accounted for 52 chapters. Therefore, it only makes sense for Demon Slayer to have a fourth season which will animate the entire Final Battle arc.

While most fans agree with the aforementioned schedule, there are a few who think that the Sunrise Countdown arc will follow the Mugen Train arc’s approach. Fans believe that the final arc of the series will be made into a movie while the fourth season will end with the Infinity Castle arc.

Even if this is the case, the series will feature a fourth season since Infinity Castle arc alone has about 46 chapters that need to be adapted into anime episodes. Therefore, it is highly unlikely for the series to have Season 3 as their final and conluding season.

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