MLB fans aren't sure how to feel about Phillies' Dave Dombrowski getting a three-year extension

World Series - Philadelphia Phillies v Houston Astros - Game Two
World Series - Philadelphia Phillies v Houston Astros - Game Two

The Philadelphia Phillies came up two games short of the World Series crown after a stunning run through the National League playoffs. As a result, they're extending president of baseball operations Dave Dombrowski for three more years, according to Ken Rosenthal.

Phillies announce three-year extension for president of baseball operations Dave Dombrowski, taking him through the 2027 season.

The extension ties him to Philadelphia through the 2027 season, so he will be running things there for the foreseeable future. Dombrowski has a particular style when it comes to baseball transactions.

He typically favors big spending and blockbuster trades to try and win now rather than build a farm system for the future. He's done similarly at most stops and it's hard to blame him- it's been a pretty successful method.

He just helped guide Philadelphia to the World Series and has done so with the Miami Marlins, Detroit Tigers and Boston Red Sox, too. He's even won two World Series in his career.

However, Phillies fans, and MLB fans at large, aren't sure how to feel about the extension. Some feel like he's an excellent decision-maker and others worry that he'll drain the roster of all assets and end up with nothing to show for it.

@Ken_Rosenthal For the next 3 years the Phillies farm system will be drained. Sincerely, a Tiger fan
@Ken_Rosenthal Congrats to Dave Dombrowski, one of the greatest GM’s of all time
@Ken_Rosenthal RIP to any potential of the Phillies having any semblance of a farm system in 3 years
@Ken_Rosenthal Get ready to spend money like you’ve never spent it before
@Ken_Rosenthal World Series losing GM gets a contract extension (not totally unmerited, still a qualified successful season), while the World Series winning GM effectively gets shown the door.
@Ken_Rosenthal Makes sense, IF he’s still waiting for Nashville expansion he’d be waiting until 2027/28 at the earliest since they’d likely do it as part of the next CBA negotiations (have to schedule expansion draft, divisional realignment, playoff format changes, etc.)
@Ken_Rosenthal @jcmccaffrey Good luck. The payroll will be through the roof with zero farm system by 2027
@Ken_Rosenthal I always love the farm system comments as if farm teams are loaded with Major league players.
@Ken_Rosenthal Alright Dave now sign Trea
@Ken_Rosenthal Prediction: the Phillies will finish in last place in the NL East in 2028.

Dombrowski has been with the Phillies for the last two seasons and is now extended.

Who will Dave Dombrowski bring to the Phillies this offseason?

With a new contract extension under his belt, Dombrowski will probably get right to work on building an even better roster for this upcoming season.

The Phillies nearly won it all, but that's not the time to rest on their laurels. Instead, it is the perfect time to continue adding pieces. They know this team is close, so they need to add the final pieces to the puzzle.

That probably means either Carlos Correa or Trea Turner. They've been rumored to be in on Turner for a while and his signing would make them a favorite in the National League once again.

Los Angeles Dodgers v Arizona Diamondbacks
Los Angeles Dodgers v Arizona Diamondbacks

They may also look at outfield depth in Michael Brantley or Brandon Nimmo. Starting pitching, perhaps Jacob deGrom, Justin Verlander or Carlos Rodon, is always on the minds of contenders, too.

Dombrowski likes to spend, so expect Philadelphia to be very active this winter.

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