Must-See: MLB’s top 5 plays of the week

Jo Adell of the Los Angeles Angels makes a diving catch.
Jo Adell of the Los Angeles Angels makes a diving catch.
Josh Fitzpatrick

Each week of MLB contests features new adventures that showcase the greatest talent on the world's biggest stage. Here, you'll see nothing less than the best of Major League Baseball. From big swings to defensive kings, only the elite will reign supreme on this list of top plays. Without further ado, here are this week's best plays in baseball.

#5 Kyle Tucker's grand exit

Grand Slam for Kyle Tucker and he got all of that one 😳(via @astros)
"Grand Slam for Kyle Tucker and he got all of that one" - B/R Walk-Off

Kyle Tucker's 21st home run was no cheapie, and it came at a key moment with two outs and his team trailing. Down 2-1 in the fifth inning, Kyle Tucker provided the go-ahead grand slam to put the Houston Astros ahead 5-2. Given the situation and the magnificence of his moonshot, Tucker's grand salami lands at No. 5 in this week's highlight reel.

#4 Gonzo's leap of faith

Luis Gonzalez can be an adventure in the outfield. On this catch, it was a good adventure. #SFGiants
"Luiz Gonzalez can be an adventure in the outfield." - DavidXF

Speaking of MLB adventures, Luis Gonzalez's leap of faith and trustfall into the wall was as equally eye-popping as it was grimacing. The league needs to check the bottom of Gonzalez's cleats for metal springs with the air he got on this catch.

A line-drive rocket that looked destined to short-hop the fence ended up meeting leather thanks to this last-second leap of desperation. Gonzo's inning-ending snag stole extra bases and at least an RBI from Manny Machado, giving Luis the fourth-spot on this week's MLB top plays.

#3 Alec Bohm gets handsy

Alec Bohm makes a FANTASTIC barehanded play to get the out at first!#RingTheBell #LGM #Phillies #Mets #MLB
"Alex Bohm makes a FANTASTIC barehanded play" - Baseball Today

In this higher tier of MLB's greatest plays, Alec Bohm snags a barehanded pickup and tosses out a speedy Starling Marte. Marte was sniffing out what seemed like a sure infield single if not for this gem at third base.

Bohm needed a barehanded catch just to have any chance at beating Marte to first. Bohm did exactly that in one flawless motion, snagging himself the second out in a 1-1 tie as well as No. 3 on our list.

#2 Hanser Alberto's rocket man

Hanser Alberto makes a diving play down the line.
"Hanser Alberto makes a diving play down the line." - Chad Moriyama

"Rocket Man" is a renowned song coined by Elton John, but it was Hanser Alberto's glove singing "burning out his fuse up here alone" when he single-handedly smoldered a 102.5 mph-er off the bat of Gary Sanchez. It's called the hot corner for a reason, and Hanser Alberto is the true rocket man for making such a bullet look routine...on a hop no less.

As if the Los Angeles Dodgers' offense weren't enough already, their defense has been a mainstay in the highlight reels this season.

#1 It's a bird...It's a plane...No, it's Jurickson Profar?


Jurickson Profar did his best Superman impression when he made a fully-extended diving catch to save the game in the ninth. The shot off Evan Longoria's bat was no bloop either. Profar had to cover a lot of ground in a short amount of time to get to Longoria's solid line drive.

Despite the lead runner tagging and scoring the tying run, that hit would have cleared the bases if the ball had gotten past Profar. Everything about this No. 1 shimmers with defensive brilliance. From the catch to the presence of mind to get the ball to the infield quickly, Profar's awareness held the runners on first and second. There may not be much flash because of how easy he makes the play look, but everything about it is worthy of top-play honors.

MLB Plays of the week honorable mention

Matt Vierling's game-saving throw to the plate

Matt Vierling SAVES THE GAME with a beautiful throw to the plate!#RingTheBell #LGM #Phillies #Mets #MLB
"Matt Vierling SAVES THE GAME with a beautiful throw to the plate!" - Baseball Today

Philadelphia Phillies left fielder Matt Vierling showed off his rocket arm in throw home to end the ninth to keep the score knotted at one-all against the New York Mets. In a list where only the week's best make the cut, it's a shame this couldn't be included. It certainly deserves an honorable mention on this week's list of MLB bests.

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