"Just feeling really down these days" - Justin Verlander's wife Kate Upton candidly addresses potential stressors in her daily life

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Justin Verlander's wife Kate Upton candidly addresses potential stressors in her daily life

Kate Upton watched as her husband, Justin Verlander, got off to a decent start in his first outing of the 2024 MLB season on Friday. Verlander helped the Houston Astros record a 5-3 win over the Washington Nationals. In the lead-up to the game, Upton discussed the nerves she feels when he plays.

Interestingly, Kate Upton took to her Instagram on Monday with a fast-paced Q&A that she captioned:

"I guess these are important questions to ask oneself haha."

Upton said in the video:

"Just feeling really down these days and I don't know why."
Q: "Have you exercised today?"
Upton: "No."
Q: "Did you go outside?"
Upton: "No."
Q: "Did you talk to anyone?"
Upton: "No."

The questions continued, see the clip below:

These are valid questions to be asked on a daily basis, particularly for those who work from home.

When Kate Upton discussed the importance of working out and support system during quarantine

In 2021, Kate Upton spoke to Shape, reflecting on the difficulties she experienced quarantining. During the COVID-19 outbreak, Upton was one of many who had to quarantine to prevent the spread of the virus.

"It's been a crazy time," she said to Shape. "But I've tried to look at the bright side of things because it's been such a hard year for so many people."

Upton said that working out had been a great help to her and noted the importance of having a support system.

"Working out has been a saving grace during this time. But having a support system has also been crucial, at least for me. It's so important to talk to someone, whether that's your husband, members of your family, friends, or even a professional. Now more than ever it's so important to take care of yourself," she said.

While the pandemic may be over, many of the lessons learned still apply. With millions working from home or living in isolation, the importance of a routine and support system for good psychological health cannot be understated.

Upton touched on this when speaking to PEOPLE last week:

“If you're not feeling the most like yourself, then your family and friends are going to pick up that energy. So for me, it's always having that community around you and finding my own routine within the chaos, whether it's [through] working out, eating healthy, drinking enough water and just really finding me time."

For Kate Upton, the little things can make a big difference, and a simple routine can go a long way to changing your outlook.

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