MLB fans debate Team USA's or Team Dominican Republic's WBC lineup: "The US clears in every position" "The DR has very good players"

World Series - Philadelphia Phillies v Houston Astros - Game Two
These two Astros are on different WBC teams

The World Baseball Classic is just about a month away and Team USA and Team Dominican Republic are two of the favorites to take home the trophy. Both have exceptional talent from top to bottom and will likely finish well in the tournament.

Here's the Team USA lineup:

  • JT Realmuto, C
  • Paul Goldschmidt, 1B
  • Jeff McNeil, 2B
  • Nolan Arenado, 3B
  • Trea Turner, SS
  • Kyle Tucker, LF
  • Mike Trout, CF
  • Mookie Betts, RF
  • Pete Alonso, DH

Here is the Team Dominican Republic lineup:

  • Gary Sanchez, C
  • Vladimir Guerrero Jr., 1B
  • Ketel Marte, 2B
  • Manny Machado, 3B
  • Jeremy Pena, SS
  • teoscar Hernandez, LF
  • Julio Rodriguez, CF
  • Juan Soto, RF
  • Rafael Devers, DH
Which World Baseball Classic lineup is better?

MLB fans were asked which of these teams boasts the best lineup and there was a mixed response.

@TalkinBaseball_ Well the US clears in every position comparison besides Devers > Alonso and Soto > Mookie
@TalkinBaseball_ USA by a mile. The DR has very good players, but the USA is just better.
@TalkinBaseball_ Based on last year USA has 9 out of 9 hitters that are top 3 at their positions in wRC+. C, SS, and 2B are weak positions for the DR. Peña had a great WS run, but his regular season stats are not other worldly.
@TalkinBaseball_ US is deeper top to bottom. DR is better 1-4
@TalkinBaseball_ I’d say they have a better DH and MAYBE a better RF. Other than that, USA clears
@TalkinBaseball_ 6 to 3 US has advantage in my eyes can debate 7 to 2
@TalkinBaseball_ Can’t wait to find out. Must watch TV. 📺🍿
@TalkinBaseball_ Slightly leans for USA. SLIGHTLY
@TalkinBaseball_ United States lineup is better but the Dominican Republic pitching is much better, especially with Nestor pulling out

Many fans believe the United States has a significant advantage on offense. They don't have some of baseball's best players, such as Aaron Judge or Shohei Ohtani. However, they do boast a deep lineup that could all make the All-Star team next season.

Pitching is a different story because Team USA doesn't have a deep pitching staff, especially after New York Yankees star Nestor Cortes Jr. pulled out with an injury.

Nevertheless, the United States has enough starpower to make them the favorites this WBC.

Team USA vs. Team Dominican Republic: Who is better?

It's hard to argue against the fans in this scenario. The United States has a much deeper lineup than the Dominican Republic. Team USA has arguably the best catcher in baseball.

They also have the reining NL MVP in Paul Goldschmidt. They have the best defender on the planet in Nolan Arenado and arguably the best player of all time in Mike Trout.

Mike Trout plays for the United States
Mike Trout plays for the United States

That doesn't even mention MVP caliber players like Mookie Betts or Trea Turner. Manny Machado, Juan Soto and Julio Rodriguez are incredible, but they're not going to be enough to outmuscle the United States.

Nevertheless, it should be an excellent competition. Both of these teams are very good and can go all the way, so they're both teams to watch.

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