"We’re gonna miss the postseason aren't we" "This team is so utterly disappointing! They do not want to win" - San Diego Padres fans embarrassed by loss to Miami Marlins

Juan Soto arguing with an umpire
Juan Soto arguing with an umpire

The San Diego Padres lost 4-3 to the Miami Marlins despite out-hitting them 10-6. Strong performances from Manny Machado and Juan Soto weren't enough to push the Padres to road victory. The Padres need every win they can get to stay ahead of the Philadelphia Phillies in the National League Wildcard race.

With the Los Angeles Dodgers ahead by 17 games in the National League West, a wildcard spot is the Padres' best chance at playing in October.

The team seems to have a solid foundation but still cannot win the games that they should. The Marlins were 14 games under .500 coming into this matchup, and the San Diego Padres should have been able to make it 15 under .500.

If these winnable games keep turning out as losses, there is a real chance this talented Padres team will have their season ended early.

The trade deadline acquisitions were supposed to push this Padres team to the next level. Instead, they might be worse than they were before.

A losing streak against a team that is not competitive this late in the season is incredibly frustrating to watch for Padres fans.

The San Diego Padres gave up a lot of their best prospects for Juan Soto, a move that does not seem to be working out quite yet.

More optimistic fans are hoping that these losses are a result of a lack of team chemistry, and not symptoms of a larger issue.

These late-season collapses are becoming all too familiar for the San Diego Padres. They suffered a similar fate in 2021 and ended up missing the postseason.

With the return of Fernando Tatis Jr. now pushed to next season, the one-time fan-favorite is being blamed for the slump.

Fans are fed up with this losing streak and can't wait to see it come to an end.

This loss to the Miami Marlins put a significant damper on the San Diego Padres' playoff hopes.

San Diego Padres need to refocus in order to make the playoffs this season

It will not be easy for the Padres to celebrate like this in October
It will not be easy for the Padres to celebrate like this in October

After the trade deadline, many were coronating the Padres as kings of the National League. Since then, the Padres have struggled to find an identity, and more importantly, struggled to find wins.

With immense talent on the roster, it would be a shame for the Padres to miss the postseason once again. But unless they can change things quickly, that is exactly what will happen.

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