5 best BGMI gun combos for pushing rank in Erangel (June 2022)

Several rank pushers in BGMI have already reached the Conqueror tier in C2S6 (Image via Sportskeeda)
Several rank pushers in BGMI have already reached the Conqueror tier in C2S6 (Image via Sportskeeda)

Every update in BGMI results in the in-game tiers getting reset, giving players a green signal to begin their quest of rank pushing. In the ongoing Cycle 2 Season 6, many serious rank pushers have already reached the Conqueror tier and are posited at the top of the leaderboards.

However, with many users joining every day, some are beginning their journey of rank push for the first time. Hence, it becomes essential for them to learn about the weapons that will benefit them while they tread on the map of Erangel.

Gun combinations to hasten rank push in BGMI's Erangel

1) UMP 45 and M416


A few months back, the BGMI developers remodeled the UMP and gave it a buff in terms of damage by switching its ammunition from 9mm to .45 ACP. Since then, esports pros and popular streamers have regularly used the gun. Its hip-fire accuracy has helped gamers quickly knock down opponents in close combat.

Meanwhile, the M416 is reportedly the most used gun in classic mode matches as players prefer the weapon for its stable sprays. Rank pushers trying to survive longer and earn more points from each game can use the combination of UMP 45 and M416 to suit their purpose.

2) Scar-L and AKM


The 2.0 update in BGMI saw the Scar-L get a buff of damage. Coupled with its high headshot percentage, the gun can be lethal for mid-range sprays and close-range fights.

The AKM is a beast in close-range fights and can help take down enemies easily. The firearm can be found across vicinities on classic mode maps and effectively used with the AKM.

Rank pushers can massively benefit from using this gun combination.

3) AWM and Micro Uzi


Several rank pushers treading on Erangel refrain from taking fights over mid-range. Their gameplay revolves around skirmishes only in long and short ranges.

Therefore, they choose weapons based on their game style. They prefer using the Micro Uzi for close-range fights while they hunt drops and equip the AWM for sniping.

While the former is renowned for its close-range destruction, the Arctic Warfare Magnum is reportedly the most lethal weapon in0game. The latter is the only gun in the battle royale title that can knock down opponents wearing a Spetsnaz Helmet with a single headshot.

Hence, this gun combination can be considered among the best for rank pushing in Erangel.

4) Beryl M762 and DP-28


The Beryl M762 is one of the most popular guns in BGMI and can be found across different cities and compounds on Erangel. The gun is renowned for dealing serious damage in short-range combat, helping players eliminate more enemies.

Despite having high recoil, its base damage of 44 per bullet compensates for all its drawbacks.

Meanwhile, the DP-28 is exclusively available on Erangel and Livik. With a handful of shots in a single burst fire, it can easily knock down an opponent.

Both guns use 7.62mm ammo and are complementary, which can be helpful to rank pushers.

5) UMP 45 and Vector


The SMG combination of the UMP 45 and Vector is among the most lethal in close-range fights. These weapons are used together by many rank pushers who prefer to take battles only during the later stages of the matches.

While the buffed UMP 45 can be equipped with a scope and can also be used for mid-range sprays, the Vector decimates opponents in 1v1 battles. BGMI players treading on Erangel can benefit from using this combination.

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