5 best BGMI tips to find more loot (March 2023)

5 best BGMI tips to find more loot (March 2023)
Best BGMI tips to find more loot (Image via Sportskeeda)

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) is one of the top-rated gaming titles in the battle royale genre. The game has garnered a considerable player base in the country, with thousands of gamers enjoying it daily. The title features high-quality graphics and immersive shooting mechanics where gamers can customize many in-game settings.

Looting is essential to the title, where players can equip good weapons, armor, and other utilities. These weapons and other utilities are of great use on the battlefield, where players can use these items to eliminate other opponents and get a chicken dinner. However, it can be difficult for beginners to choose the best looting strategies and win more matches.

This article discusses the best tips for gamers to get more loot in BGMI.

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Best tips for BGMI gamers to get more loot

1) Keep moving on the map to explore more loot area


BGMI features big maps and many areas to explore and get more loot. Gamers are recommended not to stay in a single location on the map and keep rotating on the map to different locations.

Players can use vehicles to move to different locations on getting low on loot, including ammunition and weapons. Vehicles are a better option to give rotation on the map rather than running in open areas where the chances of getting eliminated are higher.

2) Eliminate opponents to get their loot


Another great way to get more loot in BGMI is to eliminate enemy teams. It will help the team replenish their used ammunition, healing items, and grenades, which will help them win more gunfights and matches.

Gamers can make third-party attacks on their rivals and eliminate them to get their hands on their precious loot. In a third-party attack, the team takes advantage of two enemy squads and rushes them when the fight ends, and the remaining opponents are low on HP. It is a great way to get easy kills as well as more loot.

3) Keep an eye on airdrops


Airdrops are also a great way to get high-quality loot and exclusive weapons. These airdrops offer exclusive weapons like MG3, AWM, and more rifles. These guns have better attributes than regular weapons, including fire rate and damage per hit.

Gamers can also get a level 3 helmet, vest, and one healing item which includes an adrenaline syringe or a Med Kit. Players can keep an eye on the airdrop plane that appears in the sky and can spot the airdrop and loot it. However, players are advised to be careful of enemies camping the airdrops and not to get into ambushes and get eliminated.

4) Divide the loot area


The second tip gamers can use to get more loot for themselves is to divide the loot area. With this strategy, gamers can cover more areas and get more loot.

Gamers can choose a parachute leader to land them on the desired spot quickly. Players can also mark essential utilities like grenades, healings, and ammunition to their teammates on getting sufficient loot.

5) Choose your landing spot wisely


The best tip for gamers to get more loot in BGMI is to choose a landing spot with high loot percentage. The game features various maps and locations where players can get their hands on good loot much more quickly than other landing spots.

The best locations for high loot on different maps are Pochinki in Erangel, Hacienda Del Patron in Miramar, Villa in Vikendi, and Bootcamp in Sanhok. However, these locations are also hot drops and attract lots of players to land. Gamers must create good strategies to eliminate enemy teams and get good loot.

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