BGMI star Mortal shares his thoughts on why Indian teams underperform at international events

Mortal has his say on Indian teams
Mortal has his say on the cause behind Indian teams' underperformance at global events (Image via Sportskeeda)

On December 2, now BGMI content creator Naman "Mortal" Mathur was asked a question from a popular streamer from Pakistan, MrJayPlays, aka Jehanzeb. He was asked for his thoughts as to why Indian teams fail to showcase great performances at international stages. In response, Mortal said:

"They underperform due to their underconfidence and nothing else as they have the skills. Underconfidence persists when one is not mentally prepared to face global teams. Players can get better if they start preparing themselves mentally. That's all. Considering our skills, we are at par with global teams."

Teams like GodLike Esports, S8ul Esports, Enigma Gaming, 7Sea Esports, and many more have done reasonably well at BGMI tournaments organized in India. However, the majority of them have showcased an underwhelming performance on the global stage against various international PUBG Mobile rosters.

BGMI star Mortal cites "mental preparation" as a major factor for Indian teams underperforming at global stages


BGMI, when released in July 2021 with the tagline "India ka Battlegrounds," was a like-to-like replacement for the banned PUBG Mobile. The Krafton-backed shooter lived up to the expectations of many as it carried forward the legacy of PUBG Mobile.

From the point of view of re-establishing the esports ecosystem, Battlegrounds Mobile India has done a commendable job as fans have witnessed various tournaments since its release. However, the performance of many South Asian PUBG Mobile and BGMI teams has been lacklustre.

A few days back, MrJayPlays, alongside Mortal, was streaming the PMGC Last Chance Day 1. At the timestamp of "2:49:35," Jehanzeb asked the popular Battlegrounds Mobile India creator about the performance of Indian and Pakistani teams in global tournaments.

Mortal then cited the lack of confidence and mental unpreparedness as the primary reasons why most South Asian PUBG Mobile or BGMI teams lag behind other squads, despite having similar skillset.

The Indian star even suggested that the participating teams should prepare themselves mentally before facing the global players.

Scout talks about how Indian teams can perform better on global stages

Previously, Tanmay "Scout" Singh had also shared his views during an exclusive chat with Sportskeeda (Image via Sportskeeda)
Previously, Tanmay "Scout" Singh had also shared his views during an exclusive chat with Sportskeeda (Image via Sportskeeda)

Interestingly, another Indian YouTuber and BGMI esports player, Tanmay "Scout" Singh, also shared his thoughts on the same issue during his chat with Sportskeeda a few weeks ago.

Like Mortal, Scout also suggested that Indian esports athletes have the same potential as others. However, Singh shared a different viewpoint.

According to him, the reason is the lack of experience in competing against global teams and players. He suggested that Indian professional gamers "need to compete in global servers/circuits." The popular YouTuber felt that playing against international stars outside the competition will help Indian players better construct their strategy.

"Everyone is gifted with potential in terms of skillset and gun power. However, strategy plays a significant role regardless of the tournament, be it esports or sports. One cannot build a strategy on their own. Players will need to compete in global servers/circuits and break the barrier to construct their strategy and succeed."

Readers can check out Tanmay "Scout" Singh's complete conversation with Sportskeeda here.

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