"Upcoming Asian Games would be perfect way to fulfill our goal to represent India at international level": Manya, in-game leader of BGMI roster of Global Esports

Mohammad "Manya" Raja, the in-game leader of Global Esports (Image via Sportskeeda)
Mohammad "Manya" Raja, the in-game leader of Global Esports (Image via Sportskeeda)

When it comes to Valorant, Global Esports is a household name. However, its BGMI roster is also steadily becoming more popular, with consistently good performances in multiple tournaments.

In the latest Battlegrounds Mobile India Pro Series (BMPS) Season 1, Global Esports was one of the top five teams, and in the TEC BGMI Invitational Season 4, they secured the first position.

In conversation with Sportskeeda Esports' Debolina Banerjee, the in-game leader of Global Esports' BGMI roster, Mohammad "Manya" Raja, talked about his experience in the world of esports, the team's performance, and more.

Manya's journey as BGMI player in Global Esports

Q. Take us back to your initial days as a gamer. What made you realize that you can take gaming up as a profession? Who inspired you on your journey?

Manya: I used to play scrims and low-tier tournaments when I realized I was decent in this game. I then considered it a good career option.

No one, in particular, motivated me. However, LAN and official tournaments did have a role to play.

Q. Most PUBG Mobile professionals faced roadblocks when the title was banned in the country. Now that BGMI is here, do you feel it will be possible to take India to that level of glory in international tournaments?

Manya: Competition is tough here in BGMI, as all the good teams are dedicated. They study the game and give it their best shot. India will surely rise in the international competitive market for mobile gaming.

Q. You are the in-game leader (IGL) of your team, Global Esports. What are some additional responsibilities you have to perform, being the IGL? Who is your synergy the best with on the side?

Manya: In-game leaders are undoubtedly the ones who have the most responsibility in the team. Talking about my additional duties, most of my teammates are young players with a fun mindset, so I have to ensure they are sincere and are not playing just for fun.

My best synergy is with Kush "Jokerr" Singh.

Q. From the Ruthless Invitational Showdown to The Esports Club - BGMI Invitational Season 3, Global Esports has managed to clinch the top position. What do you think contributed to your victory in these tournaments?

Manya: The Ruthless Invitational Showdown and The Esports Club - BGMI Invitational Season 3 were such events that we started playing with the thought of making something out of them and winning them. Everybody had a common goal to win. We gave our 100%, and that is why we won. That's it!

Q. Despite your wins, Global Esports did not secure a very high position in other BGMI tournaments. What motivated you to get back on track and keep playing during these times?

Manya: The group has underperformed several times, but we learned from it and bounced back stronger. Before the official event, we massively underperformed in a LAN event, but because of that, we got a reality check, and I think that was why my team did good in the official event.

Q. As the IGL, how do you ensure the mental health of you and your teammates is not jeopardized due to the immense pressure of winning tournaments?

Manya: The Global Esports management is very supportive. They are doing whatever they can to keep our mental health in check. Our mentor, Mayavi sir, motivates us and takes all the pressure on himself.

Q. Does your team plan on participating in the upcoming Asian Games since PUBG Mobile is one of the events under the Esports section?

Manya: Representing India at the international level is our common goal, and the upcoming Asian Games would be the perfect way to execute it.

Q. What is your message to all your well-wishers and aspiring BGMI professional players?

Manya: For my well-wishers, I can only say, "Thank you now and always." You are one supporter among a thousand haters who supported me, and I will make it count.

There is an equal amount of struggle everywhere, so it does not matter if you want to become a gamer, a doctor, or a scientist. Whatever you do, be stubborn and get it done.

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