"Rather than releasing a lighter version, optimization of BGMI will be better": AceBlack of Hyderabad Hydras

AceBlack is the in-game leader of Hyderabad Hydras (Image via Sportskeeda)
AceBlack is the in-game leader of Hyderabad Hydras (Image via Sportskeeda)

When it comes to the esports scenario of BGMI, Hyderabad Hydras is one of the most popular teams in India. The team secured the first-runner-up position in the BGMI All Stars Invitational and was one of the top fifteen teams in Battlegrounds Mobile India Pro Series Season 1 2022.

AceBlack is the in-game leader of Hyderabad Hydras who also streams on his YouTube channel that has a subscriber count of nearly 40K. In conversation with Sportskeeda Esports’ Debolina Banerjee, he talked about his journey in the esports world, his take on BGMI Lite, and more.

AceBlack's BGMI journey

Q. The world of esports is not very easy to traverse. When did you decide to join the world of competitive gaming? Who inspired you to take it up professionally?

AceBlack: A friend of mine just suggested that I should participate in competitive matches as I was good at the game. This is how I started my competitive journey. There was no such inspiration for me at the time.

Q. What is your take on the Indian esports scenario?

AceBlack: We have witnessed an increase in the number of tournaments since the launch of BGMI. This creates a great opportunity for new talents to establish themselves in this field.

Q. Do you feel that a lighter version of the battle royale game should be released in the coming few days?

AceBlack: The lighter version of the game will obviously reduce the high-quality gaming experience, and the users of the game will also be split into two categories. Rather than releasing a lighter version, optimization of BGMI will be better, according to me. This way, everyone can access it easily.

Q. Hyderabad Hydras performed really well in the BGMI All Stars Invitational and lifted the first runner-up trophy. How was it taking part in a LAN event after so many years? What was the best aspect about it?

AceBlack: It was the first-ever LAN experience for our whole team. We obviously missed the crowd cheering for us. Once more and more people are allowed in, the experience will become better.

Finishing as the first runner-up in the first-ever LAN event was the best aspect of the BGMI All Stars Invitational.

Q. What are some of the crucial rules that you and your teammates adhere to while taking part in tournaments?

AceBlack: We play for victory and set an average goal for each match. Usually, we keep the goal in mind and play accordingly.

Q. How difficult is it on your part when it comes to your role as the in-game leader? What are some of the roles and responsibilities that you need to take care of?

AceBlack: Decision making is the hardest part of every battle royale game. Being the in-game leader, taking that decision in every game is the difficult part. I have to act as a scout for my team as well.

Q. Which players do you look up to when it comes to the esports world?

AceBlack: I look up to the in-game leaders of all the other teams.

Q. Many esports players have their own YouTube channel like you do. What kind of videos are you planning on uploading soon?


AceBlack: I am already uploading videos revolving around the battle royale game regularly. When I start livestreaming, I plan on giving some basic competitive tips to my viewers.

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