"Securing any one of the top three places in any BGMI tournament is our main goal": Avinash "Avii" Chari of Enigma Gaming

Avinash "Avii" Chari is the in-game leader of the BGMI roster of Enigma Gaming (Image via Sportskeeda)
Avinash "Avii" Chari is the in-game leader of the BGMI roster of Enigma Gaming (Image via Sportskeeda)

The competitive scene of Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) is rapidly growing in India, with many players across the country taking part in both official and unofficial tournaments. Enigma Gaming is an esports organization that is quite popular in the competitive esports scene due to its strong BGMI and Valorant teams.

On that note, Avinash "Avii" Chari is the in-game leader of the BGMI roster for Enigma Gaming. In conversation with Sportskeeda Esports’ Debolina Banerjee, Avii talks about his journey in the esports world, his role as an in-game leader, and more.

Avii's thoughts of BGMI and the competitive scenario of Indian Esports

Q. Tell us about your journey in the world of esports. When did you realize that you had it in you to take up gaming as a profession?

Avii: I have been playing PUBG Mobile since it was released, all the way back in 2018. I immediately liked the game and got really good at it, hence, I decided to play in Tier 3 tournaments, gradually moving up to Tier 1.

Q. Do you think that the growth of esports was halted due to the removal of PUBG Mobile? Did BGMI live up to your expectations?

Avii: Yes, everything that PUBG Mobile has built since its inception was destroyed when the game got banned. At the time, the battle royale game was at its peak in popularity. Many new players were trying to make a career out of it and it came as a shock to us all.

BGMI is pretty much the same game just without Tencent and we are glad it got released as the esports scene has currently picked up again in India.

Q. The demand for BGMI Lite is quite widespread in the battle royale gaming community. Do you feel that a lighter version of Battlegrounds Mobile India should be released?

Avii: Yes, it should be released so that the game is accessible to even more people throughout the world. With this, players that have real talent can showcase it to the world, just like PUBG Mobile Lite.

Q. From GodLike Esports to VSG Crawlers, you were part of quite a few esports rosters before joining Enigma Gaming. What did you learn from these teams? What do you miss the most about them?

Avii: It has been a great journey with both the organizations and owners. The managements were very different, but they had the same goal in mind. The ultimate aim was to give us everything possible to perform at our best level in the major tournaments.

Q. Enigma Gaming was one of the top ten teams in the first official BGMI tournament, Battlegrounds Mobile India Series 2021. What are some of the key takeaways that you learned from the tournament?

Avii: Key takeaways would be that no team in the Grand Finals could be underestimated as the competition was really high and cut-throat. No team has consistently come first in five back-to-back tournaments. Securing any one of the top three places in any BGMI tournament is our main goal.

Q. You also recently secured the first runner-up position in the Skyesports Pro League and Ruthless Invitational Showdown recently. Which teams did you consider to be the toughest competitors in these two tournaments?

Avii: As I said, every team that reaches the Grand Finals is a strong competitor, but if I had to take names, then TSM, Esports XO, and Godlike Esports were really good.

Q. Being the in-game leader of the team, what are some of the roles and responsibilities that you have to take care of? How do you ensure that proper synergy between teammates is up to the mark?

Avii: I usually take care of all the calls and major decisions that are made during a match, which are, team rotations, when to take a fight, when to move in towards the next circle strategically, and to make sure the team avoids disruptive communication.

Q. PUBG Mobile is one of the medal events at this year’s Asian Games. Do you plan to take part in it? Has the team started preparing for the qualifiers?

Avii: There are rumors going on that PUBG Mobile’s Battle Royale mode will not be the main competition, instead, it would be the Team Deathmatch mode. We would love to take part in the 2022 Asian Games to represent India.

Q. What are your words of advice to players who want to take up esports as a profession?

Avii: My advice would be to grind regularly and take part in tier 3 tournaments or just take part in practice tournaments with your teammates. Stick through and keep rising the ladder as no one gets successful overnight in a game that is this massive in India. Scouts from major organizations are looking out for players like you because young talent is always a good investment. Hence, don’t lose hope if you don’t get an opportunity.

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