Disney Plus Error Code 83: How to fix

How to fix Disney Plus Error Code 83 (Image via Disney)
How to fix Disney Plus Error Code 83 (Image via Disney)

Disney Plus error code 83 is one of the worst error messages users can get when they are trying to stream their favorite TV shows and movies. As a result, this error blocks viewers from using Disney Plus.

If one is looking for a solution to this problem, then they are in the right place. This article lists the following steps viewers must follow to fix Disney Plus error code 83.

How to fix Disney Plus error code 83

Disney plus error code 83:  What is error code 83 on Disney plus? (Image via Disney+)
Disney plus error code 83: What is error code 83 on Disney plus? (Image via Disney+)

Strangely enough, Disney has not provided any lucid or detailed solutions to the errors pertaining to watching content on the platform. However, upon enquiring, one can find the Disney Plus support page providing the following statement in response to what is causing the problem:

"This is typically a device compatibility issue, connection error, or account issue."

As such, a Disney Plus user must follow the following steps in order to fix the Disney Plus Error Code 83:

  1. The first step to be followed is ensuring that the Disney Plus streaming service is functioning. The problem may not be the device used to stream Disney Plus content, but the streaming service that is not working properly. Therefore, one surefire way to figure out the problem is by checking for any issues on the streaming service or other issues such as internet connection.
  2. The next step to fix Disney Plus Error Code 83 is checking the device compatibility. One must check Disney Plus supported devices list to see if their device is compatible for use to operate Disney Plus.
  3. The third thing a user must do is to check the web browser that they use to stream the platform's content by going to Disney Plus' computer and browser requirements. A key reason for Disney Plus Error Code 83 is that the web browser used for streaming may not be supported. Disney Plus supports Chrome, Edge, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer on Windows. At the same time, it supports Chrome, Safari, and Firefox in MacOs. If one's browser is incompatible, they must switch to a browser that supports Disney Plus.
  4. The fourth step is to check a viewer's internet connection and speed. If the internet connection and speed are down, they cannot stream Disney Plus content. Check Disney Plus Internet speed recommendations to get an idea of the ideal speed required for Disney Plus. One can test their internet speed by going to various speed test websites such as Ookla.
  5. A common and repeatedly used step one must follow is to restart the device. It is easy to do and works most of the time. While Disney Plus Error Code 83 may not be solved instantly, it is still worth a try.
  6. If one is using Disney Plus on a phone, tablet, or smart TV, then check whether the application is up to date. If not, update it as soon as possible so as to fix the error.
  7. Delete and reinstall the Disney Plus app if one is using a phone or tablet or smart TV. Even if there is no need for an update, the problem persisting could be the fault of the app or some data corruption that is present in it.
  8. Upgrade a user's device firmware to solve the problem of Disney Plus Error Code 83. Compatibility issues are more often than not caused by the firmware of one's streaming device, whether it be a phone or laptop or smart TV. If none of the above steps work, check the device for any firmware update of the latest version and do the same.
  9. If none of the above steps work, try using a different and new account from the one they normally use to stream Disney Plus content. If a user does not get the error message in the new account, then there is an issue with their old account. Additionally, check if billing and subscription details have been updated. If not, get it done by contacting Disney Plus support services.

Apart from following the steps above, make sure that the user can stream Disney Plus TV shows and films in the correct manner to avoid Disney Plus Error Code 83. If one is using an iPhone, iPad, or any Android device, make use of the Disney Plus app to stream their favorite content. Do not use a browser.

Moreover, if a viewer is using a computer, make use of a supported browser like Chrome or Firefox to stream Disney Plus content, and do not use a third-party application.

Other Common Error codes on Disney Plus

Here are several other Disney Plus error codes users can encounter besides the Disney Plus Error Code 83:

  1. Error code 42: An error that is caused by weak and unstable internet connections.
  2. Error code 73: An error that is caused by the use of a Virtually Private Network (VPN) while streaming Disney Plus content.
  3. Error codes 91 and 92: Caused by repeated login fails and payment errors.
  4. Error code 142: It is caused by weak and slow internet.
  5. Error code 39: This indicates the need for a secure connection to the streaming service. Caused primarily when the Windows 10 app on Xbox is used to stream Disney plus content instead of the application.
  6. Error code 41: This happens when a user tries to stream a film or television show or any other content that is temporarily unavailable. Also happens if a particular film or television show a user is trying to watch is experiencing high traffic.

While errors are common on all streaming platforms and devices, one must be careful and be updated with the necessary means to resolve the immediate issue(s). Similarly, if one sees the Disney Plus Error Code 83 on their account, they will be aware of the aforementioned steps to fix the problem and resume watching their favorite content again.

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