Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness' new TV spot hints at Nightmare as villain

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness official posters (Image via Marvel Studios)
Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness official posters (Image via Marvel Studios)

With Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness just a month away, Marvel Studios has dropped another TV spot with some interesting revelations. While the previous trailer hinted about the Illuminati, the latest promo showcased Wanda and Strange's parallels with their experiences of the multiverse.

The latest trailer featured multiple new shots, including the revelation of various variants of recurring characters in the series. Like previous footage from the film, the latest promo titled 'Dream' racked up over a million views within a couple of hours.

This, combined with the advanced ticket sales in the US, proves the massive hype generated by this film, making it one of the most anticipated films of 2022.


With rumored cameos from multiversal characters like America Chavez, Sir Patrick Stewart's Professor X, and Tom Cruise's Superior Iron Man, it is obvious why fans much await this movie.

Top theories spawned by Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness' dream' trailer

Wanda summons creatures from other dimensions

The creature in the background (Image via Marvel Studios)
The creature in the background (Image via Marvel Studios)

In the previous trailer, a particular creature appeared in a shot alongside Wong, which made fans speculate that it might have been Chthon. However, the recent trailer proves that it is unlikely to be the elder god, as two such creatures are simultaneously present in the scene.

Thus, Wanda likely summoned the creatures from other dimensions to fight alongside them. Furthermore, Marvel misdirected fans with other creatures in the previous promos, resembling the renowned ancient demon Shuma-Gorath. However, the creature appears to be the sea-monster Gargantos, which could hint at a Namor Easter egg in the movie.

Second Christine Palmer

Dr. Palmer in the trailer (Image via Twitter)
Dr. Palmer in the trailer (Image via Twitter)

Like the variants of Stephen Strange and Wanda Maximoff, Dr. Christine Palmer is likely to get multiple variants of herself in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. The trailer features two distinct versions of Christine Palmer, the one who gets married and the one associated with the Illuminati.

The latter version of Palmer may help the primary MCU Doctor Strange escape from the multiversal group's headquarters.

Death of a Doctor Strange variant

The zombified version of Doctor Strange (Image via Marvel Studios)
The zombified version of Doctor Strange (Image via Marvel Studios)

The promo showcased a glimpse of a statue of Doctor Strange in his attire of the Sorcerer Supreme. This is possible in the same universe where the Illuminati group is based, suggesting that this version of Strange might have passed away.

It could also tie in with other shots of a zombified Doctor Strange, seen in the previous footage with Strange's iconic multi-hand sorcery pose.

Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch wants America Chavez's powers after failed inter-dimensional astral projection

Scarlet Witch and America Chavez in the film (Image via Marvel Studios)
Scarlet Witch and America Chavez in the film (Image via Marvel Studios)

In the first clip, a glimpse of Wanda Maximoff floating in the air in a meditating pose was seen. This looked similar to how the Scarlet Witch was featured in the end-credit scene of WandaVision.

This particular scene from Doctor Strange 2 might include Maximoff sending her astral projection to another universe. Wanda may want to visit the other universe in hopes of seeing Tommy and Billy, which could establish that her variant there was able to continue with the facade of Westview.

Maximoff can be seen vying to spend time with Billy and Tommy as the illusion breaks in another shot of the new footage. The Scarlet Witch may likely need America Chavez's ability to travel to other universes (and dimensions) to get a sustained version of her Westview fantasy.

Furthermore, it might be possible that this variant of Wanda Maximoff is evil and is one of the antagonists of the upcoming Sam Raimi movie.

Superior Iron Man as one of the villains

The presence of this variant of Tony Stark is all but confirmed with glimpses of different Ultron bots in previous trailers. If the character is indeed in the film, Marvel is likely to give the Iron Man variant a negative role.

This possible choice could also probably save the studio from backlash over introducing a different version of fans' beloved Iron Man, portrayed by Robert Downey Jr.

Possibilities for Nightmare being the primary villain of the movie instead of Wanda Maximoff

The new 'Dream' trailer begins with both Doctor Strange and Scarlet Witch saying the exact quote:

"I've been dreaming...every night...the same dream. Every morning...the same...nightmare."

While uttering the line, Wanda Maximoff specifically chose to pause before the word 'nightmare'. This is likely to reference the villainous demon Nightmare, who is known to have a particular influence on a person even when they are awake.

Nightmare's powers allow him to capture the astral projections of individuals and bring them into the nightmare realm. The villain's illusions can also haunt a person when they are awake, which is likely how the character might have been influencing both Strange and Maximoff.

It is possible that Marvel stuck with Scott Derrickson's original idea of the sequel to make Nightmare the primary villain. Furthermore, Marvel's obsession with the word 'nightmare' continues to feature in previous clips and backs up this theory.


In the previous teaser, Doctor Strange is heard saying:

"Every night, I dream the same dream...then the nightmare begins."

Other than Nightmare, the other Wanda variant from the alternate universe and Superior Iron Man are the likely candidates to have a villainous role in the film.

With the release date being just a month away, the 'dream' clip might be the last major footage to be dropped by Marvel. Thus, the theories mentioned above would have to wait till May 6's release date to prove their worth.

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