How was Black Adam's origin possibly changed for the film? First trailer complete breakdown

A still from Black Adam (Image via (Warner Bros Pictures)
A still from Black Adam (Image via (Warner Bros Pictures)

Black Adam had its first trailer drop and it does seem like the hierarchy of the DC Universe is about to change. Featuring Shazam's arch-nemesis, the film is supposed to be an origin story for Adam and stars Dwayne Johnson as the anti-hero. With Jaume Collet-Sera in the director's seat, the film is set to release on October 21, 2022.

The trailer for Black Adam was jam-packed with surprises but it still refrained from revealing any major plot points. From the origins of Adam himself to the way JSA will be integrated into the plot, it all seems to be building up towards something special. So with that being said, let's breakdown this trailer and see what's in store for us here.

The world needed a hero, it got #BLACKADAM Only in theaters October 21.

From Adam's origins to the Justice Society of America, everything seen in the Black Adam trailer

Change in origins

A still from the movie (Image via Warner Bros Pictures)
A still from the movie (Image via Warner Bros Pictures)

In the comics, Teth-Adam was a slave in the fictional country of Kahndaq. His family was killed by dictators there with the exception of his nephew Aman, who was imprisoned. Adam would then help him escape, but would get gravely injured in the process.

However, Aman would go back for him and refuse to let him die. While escaping, they would be greeted by the wizard Shazam, who would grant Aman powers for saving Kahndaq, but Aman would accept it on the condition that Adam be saved as well. It was then revealed that Aman could share his powers with his family, and hence Black Adam was born.

Both contemplated on how to use their powers. While Aman wanted to use it to establish peace, Adam wanted to use it to get revenge for his family. Both would duke it out and Adam would end up killing Aman in the process.

In the trailer, it looks like this won't be taking place. While the element and the slave origins are still present, it looks like his nephew has been swapped for his son who would be killed by the dictators.

Justice Society of America

Justice Society of America (Images via Warner Bros Pictures)
Justice Society of America (Images via Warner Bros Pictures)

The Justice Society of America is seen here in full force. The team of Doctor Fate, Atom Smasher, Hawkman and Cyclone make a fun first appearance as they try recruiting Adam.

The trailer features a scene where Doctor Fate talks to Adam about how he could either save this world or be its destroyer. There is also a fun interaction with Hawkman where he tells Adam about how "Heroes don't kill people," to which Adam replies, "But I do."

Hawkman's ship, the Thanagarian Star Cruiser, can be seen in a brief shot as well. It looks like the ship might act as a base of operations for the Justice Society of America.

The Crown of Sabbac

Credit to @WildeePatrol for bringing this up.Crown of Sabbac (films villain) It’s what gives ishmael is abilities#BlackAdam

Sabbac was all but confirmed to be the main villain of the film, and it looks like he will be making an appearance here. The Crown of Sabbac can be seen in a brief shot here. The crown is what gives Sabbac his powers, but who is the guy?

Well, Sabbac goes by the name of Ishmael Gregor. He is the main antagonist of the film and has demonic superpowers. Saying the name Sabbac grants him immense powers just like how it works for Shazam and Black Adam. It's theorized that in the film he will be the new ruler of Kahndaq, with Adam taking revenge on him for his family.

Intergang and New Gods

A still from the movie (Image via Warner Bros Pictures)
A still from the movie (Image via Warner Bros Pictures)

The New Gods reference is quite present here as the Intergang is present here. For those who don't know, the Intergang is a nationwide criminal organization. They use Apokoliptian weapons and technology of the New Gods.

The trailer sees some highly advanced weaponry and tech in the trailer. It does seem like the case of Intergang using the weapons and tech of Apokolips.

Adrianna Tomaz

A still from the movie (Image via Warner Bros Pictures)
A still from the movie (Image via Warner Bros Pictures)

Sarah Sahi stars in the trailer as Adrianna Tomaz. The film here is expected to change her origin story up a bit as she is involved with the Intergang and wants to set Black Adam free from his prison. For those who don't know, Tomaz is the love interest of Black Adam. She is bestowed with the amulet of Isis that gives her powers.

All of this wraps up all we could see in the trailer for Black Adam. The film, starring Dwayne Johnson, releases in cinemas on October 21, 2022.

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