Invincible season 2: How powerful is Angstrom Levy? Everything to know about the new antagonist

How powerful is Angstrom Levy Invincible season 2
What did he do to me ?I’m a MONSTER !! (Image via Sportskeeda)

Invincible season 2 begins with a shocking first episode, introducing one of Mark Grayson's most terrifying adversaries. Angstrom Levy possesses the mysterious power to unlock portals to different universes. He may use that capacity to learn any knowledge, access any scenario, and recruit the aid of many incarnations of both his adversaries and allies.

Levy is first shown in the comics and in Invincible season 2 as using his ability to recruit and acquire knowledge from several alternate versions of himself. When Levy is first presented in the comics and the show, he seems to be a kind person. Though his main goal was to use his knowledge of parallel worlds to benefit humanity, he was prepared to collaborate with criminals.

With his injuries after the accident in season 2 episode 1, all his compassion and goodwill disappeared. Levy's memories of his variations clouded his judgment and sanity alike. Angstrom would then spend the following years trying to kill Mark, as he blames Invincible for the accident that transformed him into the monstrosity he is.

It appears the program would take a similar approach to the comics since Sterling Brown's interpretation of the character serves as the primary threat in Invincible season 2.

Angstrom Levy’s powers and abilities make him a serious threat in Invincible season 2

Angstrom Levy was first introduced in Invincible #16 in 2004. He has made repeated appearances since and now serves as the main antagonist of Invincible season 2 on Amazon Prime Video.

Levy possesses the extraordinary capacity to create portals to alternate universes. The width of his portals ranges from 2.5 to 8 feet. At first, he could only experimentally travel across dimensions. He experimented until he found dimensions in which he could travel safely.

In addition, he was incapable of teleporting between two locations on the same plane, avoiding the gap between them, as demonstrated in Invincible season 2 episode 1. Irrespective of the dimension he portaled to, he remained in the same geographical position.

The place he was trying to get to would have to be reached by him, first physically, if he has to portal there. When Levy breaks out the Mauler Twins from prison, they comment on this restraint of his power too, saying he has to be in the same place to open a portal in another dimension to get there.

However, as a consequence of his experiment, which was once more expertly adapted in Invincible season 2 episode 1, he enlarged his brain mass by almost 80%, bestowing upon him immense intellectual power.

This power was made possible by the Mauler twins. He now possesses the memories of his spatial counterparts from more than 1,000 dimensions, thanks to this. He is familiar with those dimensions intimately because of this merger of parallel selves.

Moreover, he can now freely open portals to various dimensions within each one. Angstrom's physique was physically rebuilt and strengthened by physicians from another realm following his first injury after the previously mentioned accident.

Developing the capacity to outperform Invincible physically was his aim while getting help at the alternate dimension, and thus, Levy acquired some superhuman strength and damage resistance. Angstrom is also very difficult to kill, as demonstrated by his multiple run-ins with Invincible and the others.

His improved body has borne a great deal of physical abuse without failing to kill him. We may see this power-up for Levy happen eventually in Invincible season 2 as well.

What has Angstrom Levy done in the comics, and why he's one of Invincible’s strongest foes

Levy hates Invincible and wants to destroy him. That much is established both in the show and comics. In the latter, he returned to prime Earth with Mark's personal information by traveling to a reality where everyone was aware of Invincible's true identity. Mark's family is then taken captive by Levy.

His plans to murder the hero after gradually wearing him down to nothing but a shell of who he is. But this doesn't work for our mastermind as he finds himself pummeled to near death in a desolate wasteland, and he, therefore, switches to a more calculated strategy after his first plan backfires.

Levy's second strategy to eliminate Mark mostly focuses on finding wicked copies of Mark to damage his reputation. Angstrom unleashes an army of wicked Invincibles on a planet full of normal citizens. Imagine Mark Grayson, a Viltrumite amplified hundreds of times in strength due to the sheer quantity of them, has the potential to wipe out life on Earth.

Even if his primary goal is to accuse the first Mark of the atrocities, his actions have far more dire consequences. This event in the comics is known as the Invincible War, where about 20 of Mark’s alternate selves threatened to ravage and destroy Earth.

These other personas of Mark were either psychotic individuals, criminals, or conquerors. Levy assured them of riches and assistance in growing their empires. He just wanted one thing in return on investment: to knock Invincible to his knees and ruin the reputation of Mark Grayson.

Even though a unified group of Earth's heroes battled the alternative Invincibles, they wreaked havoc on the planet. Both parties of the Invincible War suffered great losses. Though the earth's troops were destroyed, twelve alternative Invincibles perished. Atom Eve and Bulletproof were among the heroes who suffered major injuries, while Rex Splode, Dark Wing, and other heroes perished.

On a lighter note, Levy also brings Mark into the Marvel and DC realms for a blink-it-and-you-'ll-miss-it panel in the comics. Viewers will have to patiently wait and watch how the show's vast world expansion impacts the narrative.

In Invincible season 2, anything might happen. Having Angstrom Levy in the mix, all possible realities are up for scrutiny.

New episodes of Invincible season 2 are released on Fridays, and you can watch the first episode of the new season on Prime Video right now.