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5 selfish acts involving famous cricketers

Suryesh M
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India v Australia - ODI Series: Game 3
India v Australia - ODI Series: Game 3

Cricket might be a team sport. But securing one's personal interests is equally important in the sport. Players have got to preserve their place in the national team and withstand the immense competition. However, at times, they end up going a little too far ahead in the quest of their personal goals.

They end up placing themselves or their needs ahead of the needs of the team. This, in turn, results in them being involved in selfish acts - which could either be intentional or unintentional. No matter what they achieve during the course of their career, these dark spots always prevail and are hard to forget.

#5. When Trevor Chappell bowled underarm

Trevor Chappell bowls underarm
Trevor Chappell bowls underarm

In a game between Australia and New Zealand, the Blackcaps required 7 runs to win off the last win. As long as a legal delivery was bowled, their chances of winning the match were nil. At most, they could try and draw the game by hitting a six off the last ball.

Even though his team wasn't in the danger of losing the match, Australian skipper Greg Chappell wanted to be extra sure that his team got over the line. Greg instructed his brother Trevor Chappell, who was bowling the final over of that match, to roll the ball underarm. This would ensure that the batsman can't hit it over the ropes and maybe score a boundary at most.

Since there weren't any rules about the underarm bowling back then, the umpires posed no objection to it. Australia did manage to win the game. But their morals dropped to an all-time low. This act from the Chappell brothers is considered to be one of the most selfish acts ever in the history of the game. The reputation of the Australian team playing hard and aggressive cricket was damaged after this incident.

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