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5 things that a batsman can do to counter spinners on turning tracks

Spinners can be difficult to deal with in conditions that offer them plenty of assistance, so how do you outfox them?

Ravindra Jadeja
Playing aginst sharp turners of the ball can be a daunting task for batsmen(Image Courtesy: Bcci.tv)

One of the reasons why playing in the sub-continent is so difficult is because not everyone is adept at the art of handling spin bowling. Players from most countries outside Asia aren't used to playing spinners for extended periods of time and that in itself is a challenge that not many easily overcome.

But playing spinners isn't rocket science. There are some simple rules, which if followed, can help the batsmen score runs even on raging turners. And while there are some things which they shouldn't do, simple yet effective measures can help them score big on surfaces that are conducive to spin bowling.

Here are 5 things that a batsman can do to counter spinners:

#5 Going down the track

Ajinkya Rahane
Dance down the track and whack it past the in-field

Ask any couch commentator, analyst, expert or person on the street and they will tell you that in Asia, you have to use your feet to the spinners. While dancing down the track might be a strategy that almost everyone talks about, it is not just because it is a cliche but because it is an effective way of getting on top of the spinner.

While it is easy to say that someone should use their feet while batting against a spinner, more just dancing down the pitch, it is important to understand when to do it and when to remain at the crease. Early in the spell, when the spinners haven't settled into the rhythm, is often the best time to do it.

Not only does it put the bowler off his length but also ensures that you get some confidence to handle the unplayable deliveries, should they crop up. And walking down the pitch doesn't just have to be for a boundary, as Ajinkya Rahane and Cheteshwar Pujara have done so effectively in India, it could also be to just take a single down the ground if the fielders are in the deep. But the most important thing to do when waltzing down the track is to get to the pitch of the ball.

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