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5 times cricketers got involved with fans during a match

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Fans express their love with posters

Fans play an integral role in the growth of any sport and are considered the backbone of a sport. In cricket, they are usually considered as the 12th man. Their constant support and cheering plays a major role in the success of a team.

One of the main reasons why a cricket team has an advantage at their home ground is because of the support they receive from their fans. The reason why teams are able to make a particular ground their “fortress” are mainly due to their die-hard and loyal fans who continually support the team in any given situation. 

There are times when fans tend to go a bit overboard while expressing their love and support for a particular player or team. While there are a few players who take it sportingly and respond back to these fans, there are times when the security gets involved.

Here are 5 instances when cricketers were involved with fans during a match 

#5 When MS Dhoni blushed 

MS Dhoni: the humble yet shy cricketer

We all know that Mahendra Singh Dhoni is one of the most humble cricketers around. But what many people do not know is that he is quite shy as well. During a match between India and Sri Lanka, the camera pointed towards a group of girls who were holding up a note which said, “I love you Dhoni,” he could not help but cover his face with his hands in embarrassment as he began to blush. 

More recently as well, Dhoni encountered a similar situation when a fan shouted saying  “I love you” to him during a press conference about his biopic MS Dhoni: The Untold Story. Once again, Dhoni just laughed it off and did not have much to say.

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