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7 Facts you should know about the very first Test Match

This article delves into the happenings of the very first Test match played exactly 140 years ago this month and presents seven fun facts.

Top 5 / Top 10 16 Mar 2017, 21:36 IST
The captain, all-rounder James Lillywhite preferred to tour Australia with an all-professional line-up of just 12 cricketers

Yesterday – 15th of March, 2017. As we woke up in the morning and stared into our smartphones, Google greeted us with a lovely doodle – after all exactly 140 years ago, in 1877, the first ever Test match was played between England and Australia.

Most cricket fanatics would have immediately clicked on the doodle which led to a plethora of articles and scorecards, depicting the happenings of a sunny afternoon at Melbourne when the English team - conspicuous by the absence of the legendary Dr. W.G. Grace - took on the Australians.

Here’s presenting seven things you need to know about the very first International Test match played in the history of mankind -

#1 An all professional English Team

In those days, the cricketing scene in England saw heavy rivalries between two factions – one who played cricket full-time and called themselves the “professionals” and one who played cricket along with their other full-time jobs, more out of passion and entertainment, aptly named as the “amateurs”.

Funnily enough, the amateurs on average were much better players – Dr. W.G. Grace – being a leading example. The captain, all-rounder James Lillywhite, apparently having learnt valuable lessons from infighting during previous tours, preferred to tour Australia with an all-professional line-up of just 12 cricketers.

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