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Aussies strategy to tackle Broad in last test!

Cartoon depicting the dilemma of Aussies, who have failed to counter Broad's attack.

Humor 09 Aug 2015, 18:45 IST
Yuvraj’s masks seem to be the only talisman against Stuart Broad

Well, now that none of the conventional strategies are working in favour of the kangaroos, it seems that finally they might have to go Yuvi’s way. Whenever you mention the name of Stuart Broad to an Indian, the first image that will emerge will that be of the six sixes cracked by the Yuvraj on the ‘then’ hapless Broad. It is difficult to believe for most of the Indians that the same bowler is responsible for the current condition of the Aussies. Well, my friend, times change. If only, they had used the ‘masks’. 

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