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Why Ravi Shastri is putting more pressure on the Indian team

gopal anand
03 Oct 2018, 09:01 IST

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His words have added the pressure on the players

He has been the talk of the town ever since team India returned from England and unfortunately for all the wrong reasons. When he was appointed the coach back in 2017, the decision itself raised quite a few eyebrows. Anil Kumble was widely considered as the best person to coach this team but his problematic relationship with Captain Virat Kohli meant that he could no longer continue at that post.

Ravi Shastri had the backing of Kohli and was soon named the head coach. The results in his tenure have been on the extremes, clinical performances at home and pathetic performances abroad. Though this has been the norm in world cricket much more was expected out of the No.1 ranked Test team in the world. Here is why he should not continue as the head coach:

#1 Overconfidence

Anyone who has been following Indian cricket in recent years knows that the coach will be making over the top statements in press conferences. Often the performances haven't lived up to his words and hence his words have stopped making the impact they used to once. Before the tours of South Africa and England, his statements made the headlines purely because they sounded overconfident. He recently said that the current Indian team is the best Indian team in the last 15-20 years although the performance does not suggest so.

His statements have often landed the players in trouble because they have no answers to them. He keeps on highlighting series win in West Indies and Sri Lanka even after knowing the fact that both the sides are struggling to keep pace with world cricket today. His next coaching assignment is in Australia and the whole nation would be hoping that there is not much gap between his words and the performances of his players.

Defensive nature

Another problem is his defensive attitude. After every loss in South Africa and England, he kept reiterating that the loss does not reflect the true story. Yes, he was correct to a great extent but making the same remarks again and again will not help the team's cause.

Again before the Asia Cup, he said that the scoreline in England did not do justice to his team's performance which obviously suggested that he lacks acceptance and will not accept a simple fact that his batsmen were just not good enough. If India are to win in Australia later this year, the coach definitely needs to change his attitude.

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