3 streamers YouTube can’t afford to lose to Twitch

3 streamers YouTube can’t afford to lose to Twitch (Image via Ludwig, Valkyrae, Dr Disrespect/Twitter)
3 streamers YouTube can’t afford to lose to Twitch (Image via Ludwig, Valkyrae, Dr Disrespect/Twitter)
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YouTube vs. Twitch is probably one of the biggest rivalries on the internet today when it comes to streaming. With creating content becoming one of the most in-demand professional careers, these platforms have gained massive traction in the past couple of years.

In the continuing saga of the rivalry between the two platforms, there are some prominent names on either platform that bring it success. Hosting top names in the space is the only way to ensure your platform remains in the spotlight.

Although Twitch is much bigger than the red platform when it solely comes to streaming, the gap is closing rapidly. And the major reason behind this is the slew of streamers working for YouTube. With streamers like Sykkuno, Valkyrae, Dr Disrespect, and the Streamer of the Year Ludwig, YouTube has certainly built a strong foundation with some of the biggest content creators on its side.

With that in mind, here are the top 3 streamers YouTube can't afford to lose to Twitch.

Top 3 streamers YouTube would lose to Twitch without

3) Dr Disrespect

Although Dr Disrespect has finally ended his long-going legal battle with Twitch, the streamer clearly doesn't need the purple platform to shine. Notably, Doc is still banned on Twitch, and though he could go back Amazon-owned platform, it seems like he doesn't need it anymore.

The "Two Time" has been on YouTube after switching to the platform for almost 2 years now as a full-time content creator and has seen nothing but growth, popularity, and love during his streaming journey.

In response to all your questions, the Doc will not return to Twitch

With over 48.7% overall growth on his official YouTube channel, Doc enjoys an overwhelmingly loyal fanbase that supports him no matter what. As per the statistics from February 2021-2022, Doc seems to be at the top with 1.9M hours watched per month that peaked at 2.69M, with a low of 1.03M.

On top of that, he has over 3.9 million subscribers on YouTube. Needless to say, with his skyrocketing growth and popularity, the sky seems to be the limit for the streamer.

Powerful, athletic, good looking...I'm the complete package.…

Doc's presence on the streaming platform has evidently brought in a massive number of viewers. And his status as one of the most beloved streamers in the world makes sure the ball is always on his court, allowing him to make choices without any restrictions.

If he decided to leave YouTube, he would most certainly take his followers and high viewership numbers along with him.

2) Ludwig

The Streamer of the Year, Ludwig, is another big creator on the site, bringing in reeling in big numbers in terms of views on the Google-owned platform.

Before his move to the red platform, the American streamer was the most-followed streamer on Twitch and even broke a subscriber-based record on the platform previously set by Ninja. He hosted a subathon event featuring a 31-day “never-ending” stream, on whose last day he broke the record.

Ludwig started his career way back in 2017 as a Smash Bros. gamer and has seen nothing but growth as a full-time content creator. The 26-year-old is known for playing video games with friends, having fun interactive sessions with viewers, and engaging in random activities on his livestreams.

After the year he’s had with setting up multiple tournaments, music video cameos, show hosting gigs, the illustrious 31-day extravaganza that was his Subathon and more, the esteemed Streamer of the Year award goes to @LudwigAhgren #TheStreamerAwardspresented by @coinbase

If YouTube were to lose Ludwig to Twitch or any other streaming platform, for that matter, it would be a great loss for the site, as he brings in the most money and subscribers among all the other streamers present on YouTube at this point.

From being a small Smash Bros. content creator to bagging the ultimate Streamer of the Year award, his journey has truly been inspiring for the majority of viewers out there.

1) Valkyrae

The list would be absolutely incomplete without the "Queen of YouTube" herself. Rachel "Valkyrae" is one of the most loved social media personalities on YouTube. From getting featured in multiple popular music videos to starting her very own merchandise, the YouTuber has done it all with utmost perfection and grace.

Her presence on YouTube has been consistent and ever-growing, making her the perfect candidate to be the face of the platform.

She maintains a very active and loyal fanbase that is always ready to provide her with the support she needs. Besides this, Rae is also very active on her other social media handles, such as Instagram.

On Instagram, she boasts over 3.6 million followers and is in possession of an engaging profile where she posts consistently.

Valkyrae is also the co-founder of the widely popular gaming organization 100 Thieves and gets in tens of thousands of viewers on her livestreams every single day.

Moreover, her collaborations with other prominent members of the streaming space like Sykkuno, Corpse Husband, Hasan Abi, and AriaSaki make her a very important centerpiece for YouTube.


While she has signed an exclusive deal with YouTube for the foreseeable future, there is always the possibility of her moving to Twitch in pursuit of more exposure.

However, if she were to leave, YouTube would see the loss of a generous amount of viewers as well as the brands and money she brings in. Losing her means losing more than YouTube might be able to afford at this point in time.

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