5 best FIFA 23 cards in Rivalry Re-release to use for your Ultimate Team

These are the best cards in the current promo of FIFA 23 (Image via EA Sports)
These are the best cards in the current FIFA 23 promo (Image via EA Sports)

EA Sports recently revealed the Showdown Series event in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, featuring some of the biggest upcoming clashes in the world of football. In addition to the multiple Showdown cards released during its course, the developers have also added a roster of re-released items from previous promos to fit the theme of rivalries in football.

The lineup is titled the Rivalry Re-release, and consists of cards from previous promos representing rival teams. This includes derby squads like Manchester City and Manchester United, as well as those vying for domination in their respective leagues, like Real Madrid and FC Barcelona. The Re-release includes some expensive and coveted cards that fans will be eager to get their hands on.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the writer's opinion.

Benzema, Haaland, and 3 more re-released promo cards that are overpowered in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

1) Karim Benzema (Winter Wildcards)


As the most expensive card on the roster, it comes as no surprise that Winter Wildcards Karim Benzema is also the most meta item on the list. This special version is unique and overpowered due to a variety of reasons, including his new position as a central midfielder as well as his five-star skill moves.

The card is extremely popular with professionals in FIFA 23 esports, which is a testament to Benzema's in-game ability. He is amongst the best box-to-box midfielders in the current meta, capable of defending and attacking with equal effectiveness.

2) Pedri (TOTY Honorable Mentions)


Similar to Benzema, Pedri's special versions are also held in high regard by the FIFA 23 fanbase. His pace, dribbling, and passing skills, as well as the five-star skill moves make him an incredibly enjoyable card to use in midfield.

The FC Barcelona prodigy has received several impressive cards during the FIFA 23 game cycle so far, with the TOTY Honorable Mentions variant being the best one.

While he might not be the most expensive item on the roster, he is certainly amongst the best when it comes to in-game ability. His versatile attributes, chemistry links, and real-life popularity combine to make him one of the most sought-after cards in the Rivalry Re-release promo of FIFA 23.

3) Erling Haaland (Ones to Watch)


Despite lengthy players no longer being the meta, Erling Haaland is still one of the most lethal marksmen when it comes to attackers in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. His Ones to Watch version has been re-released during the current promo, and the price of this special card reflects how popular and effective he is in the latest iteration of the game.

Being a dynamic item, it may potentially receive upgrades in the future. Erling Haaland and Manchester City are in spectacular form in the Premier League, and the Norwegian is bound to receive performance-based special cards that will boost the rating of his OTW version.

4) Trent Alexander-Arnold (FUT Centurions)


The FUT Centurions version of Trent Alexander-Arnold is amongst the most overpowered and efficient right-backs in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. He offers amazing chemistry links due to his league, club, and nationality, and serves as an incredible alternative to cards like Path to Glory Kyle Walker.

This card was extinct in the FIFA 23 transfer market for a period of time due to his popularity with the fanbase. His card being reintroduced to packs helps gamers who want to add him to their FUT squads, but were unable to purchase him due to his scarce availability.

5) Gabriel Jesus (Winter Wildcards)


Arsenal's resurgence in recent times can largely be attributed to the youth on their roster. The squad is young, talented, and eager to prove themselves, which has contributed to their title charge this season.

The Gunners are currently leading the league table, with Gabriel Jesus spearheading the attack. His abilities have been reflected accurately in his position-changed Winter Wildcards card in FIFA 23.

Not only does this item offer a new position as a right-winger, but he also possesses five-star skill moves, making him a meta attacker in FUT. He costs over 600,000 FUT coins in the transfer market, which goes to show how effective he is on the virtual pitch.