5 best Genshin Impact characters for fighting Oceanid

Image via Airyuken (YouTube)
Image via Airyuken (YouTube)
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The Oceanid is notorious for being one of the most difficult bosses to fight in Genshin Impact, so these five characters can help a struggling player win.

One of the most noteworthy aspects about fighting the Oceanid boss is how players cannot deal direct damage it. Oceanid's unique gimmick is that players have to kill the water creatures it spawns to deal damage to the boss, which makes fighting it tricky for some players. As it's always raining here, certain Geo constructs cannot be made, making some Genshin Impact characters worse than usual here.

However, the opposite can also be said. As it is always raining here and players are fighting water creatures, it's easy to stack Elemental Reactions. Some characters can do this better than others, especially in the face of an angry horde of watery foes. Typically, it's Electro, Cryo, and Pyro users that handle fighting the Oceanid boss the best in Genshin Impact.

Five of the best Genshin Impact characters for fighting Oceanid

#5 - Lisa

Image via PC Gamer
Image via PC Gamer

Lisa is an excellent choice for players with practically no other viable options. This tends to be the case for F2P players, but even players that do pay can end up unlucky. That said, Lisa is still a good alternative option for players that do have better options. As a Catalyst wielder, she can easily spam her Electro attacks throughout the map.

Her Elemental Burst in Genshin Impact can make short work of the large hordes of enemies that may swarm the player. If the player is using Kaeya alongside Lisa, then they can easily beat the Oceanid several times over. The main reason being that Lisa can easily detonate her stacks on enemies that are standing still, and Kaeya's freezing capabilities are quite good.

#4 - Kaeya

Image via Gamepur
Image via Gamepur

As the last representative for low level players on this Genshin Impact list, Kaeya is an excellent Cryo user that can prevent the player from being swarmed by the many enemies the Oceanid may spawn. Other Cryo users can get the job done in Genshin Impact, but Kaeya is the easiest one to get in the game, thus making him the best option early on.

Even when the player gets better characters, Kaeya isn't necessarily a bad bet. He's a solid option that can help support any team looking to activate a Cryo Resonance or a team just looking for a sole Cryo user. As far as F2P options go, Kaeya is an excellent choice for farming the Oceanid thanks to his Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst.

#3 - Fischl

Image via PCGamesN
Image via PCGamesN

Fischl is an excellent sub-DPS option thanks to her Elemental Skill. As Oz almost always hits his targets, it's easy to swap to Fischl, throw out her raven, and then swap to another character. If the player has a powerful Pyro user like Diluc or Klee, then they can easily use both the natural Hydro element the enemies have in conjunction with Electro and Pyro.

If the player has to rely on Fischl as the sole DPS option for one reason or another, she's still pretty good. She won't be that useful if all of the enemies are swarming her (like the squirrels and frogs), but she can easily handle the cranes and other enemies at a distance. If her Elemental Skill is done, she can easily activate her Elemental Burst to keep Oz up at all times.

#2 - Keqing

Image via Republic World
Image via Republic World

There are a lot of viable Electro users in Genshin Impact, but Keqing is arguably the best one for fighting Oceanid. Her Elemental Skill in Genshin Impact is a good mobility option in a situation where the player finds themselves in a bad predicament. Better yet, her 1st Ascension Passive in Genshin Impact allows her to spam attacks with the Electro element.

Keqing works excellently with other viable options for fighting the Oceanid in Genshin Impact. Bennett isn't on this list, but he's an excellent option for his utility. Naturally, he works well with Keqing, especially if another Pyro user like Diluc is added for the extra attack one can get from the Pyro Elemental Resonance.

#1 - Ganyu

Image via Genshin Impact (YouTube)
Image via Genshin Impact (YouTube)

Cryo is arguably the best element to have against, and Ganyu's ability to spam Cryo attacks makes her one of the premier options for slaying the Oceanid boss in Genshin Impact. Her bow is different from other bow users, so unlike Fischl, Ganyu is likely to hit her targets thanks to its AOE spread. As a bonus, she can freeze enemies constantly with her charged shots, causing the player to take way less damage than they'd normally do when fighting the Oceanid.

Yet another bonus to Ganyu's viability is that she possesses a taunt in her kit. Considering that Mona is a Hydro user (aka useless against the Oceanid), and Amber is unreliable, Ganyu is the only viable taunter in Genshin Impact when fighting the Oceanid.

Add in the fact that her Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst are perfect for taking down the Oceanid's horde of enemies, it should be readily apparent that Ganyu is one of the best characters in Genshin Impact for this fight. Other Genshin Impact characters with the Cryo Element (like Kaeya) can be added to a party with Ganyu in it for a good Elemental Resonance (extra CRIT against frozen enemies).

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