5 best new costume mods for Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered PC

Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered on PC is getting new costumes via mods (Image via Insomniac Games)
Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered on PC is getting new costumes via mods (Image via Insomniac Games)

The arrival of Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered on PC triggered an avalanche of new mods that would only be possible for modders to create for the platform. It proved to be an accurate assumption on the release day when various texture and shade mods made their way online for players to implement.

Just five days into the first week of Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered on PC, there are already 161 working mods for the game available on the Nexus mods website. Amongst these, many introduced alternate costumes for the Wall-Crawler in-game files, replacing existing ones and changing the color schemes of others.

One of Spidey's characteristic traits is how he has undergone several costume changes throughout his publication history. A good superhero game always does its best to include as many iconic costumes for its character as it can. But when the official lineup comes up short, modders come to the rescue by introducing some costumes of their own.

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Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered on PC can be modded in different ways

1) Symbiote Black Suit

Symbiote Black Suit (Image via jedijosh920)
Symbiote Black Suit (Image via jedijosh920)

One of Spider-Man’s most iconic suits is the symbiote he briefly comes into contact with during an early career. While the circumstances of how he meets the symbiote differ based on which version of the story one follows, the costume's overall look tends to remain the same.


The alien creature gives Peter a black suit with a white spider emblem on his chest, a feature consistent across the different iterations of Spidey. In the Insomniac Games universe, this event has seemingly not happened yet, with the developers saying they were saving the symbiote for a proper story arc.

However, modder jedijosh920 took it upon themselves to create a black and white version of the Advanced Suit from the main game and uploaded it for players to use on day one. While it is a simple recolor, it does give an idea of how Spidey might look when the symbiote eventually possesses him in the upcoming sequel, Marvel's Spider-Man 2.

2) Miles Morales Suit

Miles Morales Suit (Image via jedijosh920)
Miles Morales Suit (Image via jedijosh920)

PC users will have to wait a while to play the Miles Morales game, which is a follow-up to Marvel’s Spider-Man, as it is slated for a fall 2022 release date. However, they can now get their hands on Miles’ iconic red and black suit via another mod by jedijosh920.

In the comics, Miles hails from an alternate universe designated the 1610 universe, where he had to take up the responsibility of the friendly neighborhood Web-Slinger after the death of Peter Parker. Miles was gifted this new suit by Nick Fury, which was distinct from the classic red and blue to be his very own version of Spider-Man.

Later in the comics, the mainline continuity, 616, and the 1610 continuity merged into one, putting Miles in a world where Peter Parker still operated as Spider-Man. These details are streamlined in the Insomniac Games' version, where Miles and Peter already exist in the same world.

3) Classic Symbiote Suit

Classic Symbiote Suit (Image via Alpotuz)
Classic Symbiote Suit (Image via Alpotuz)

While a version of the Advanced Suit’s look as a symbiote exists, nothing beats the classic look of the black suit. For those looking to enjoy some nostalgic scenes by sporting the classic symbiote look, it is available as a downloadable mod by Alpotuz. The mod replaces the Future Foundation suit in the game.

This iconic look is taken directly from the pages of the original Secret Wars event when the Beyonder recruited many Marvel superheroes and villains to his Battleworld fight against each other. After damaging his suit in battle, Spidey was looking for a replacement when he unwittingly released a blob of alien goo that bonded with him and created the symbiote suit for the first time.

It was later revealed that the suit had a mind of its own and had to be forcibly removed with the help of the Fantastic Four. The symbiote later finds another host in Eddie Brock, a disgruntled Daily Bugle employee and rival to Peter Parker. The bond between the two gives rise to the villain Venom, who is set to appear in the upcoming sequel to Marvel’s Spider-Man.

4) What If Spider-Man

What If Suit (Image via Spider-Rap)
What If Suit (Image via Spider-Rap)

This is the suit worn by Spider-Man in the recent What If? Series by Disney, where the Watcher narrates stories of alternate realities in the MCU. Here, Spider-Man appeared in the Marvel Zombies episode as a slightly older version than the one seen currently in the movies.

While looking very similar to the Stark Suit already available in the game, the What If Suit has some subtle differences that make it different. Fans of the series would enjoy playing as this suit, and it is available on Nexus mods as created by modder Spider-Rap.

The mod recolors the Stark Suit to look more like the one in What If? Although, it does not change any base textures. It is still an excellent recreation for now, and hopefully, the mod will evolve to incorporate more features to make it look distinct from the Stark Suit.

5) Amazing Suit 2

Amazing Suit 2 (Image via HOLS)
Amazing Suit 2 (Image via HOLS)

Fan clamoring led to quite a big achievement when the developers finally decided to add the suit from The Amazing Spider-Man movie to the game. However, fans were not going to stop there as they asked for a second suit from the sequel to be added to the game as well, a demand Insomniac ultimately ignored.

This wish has finally been fulfilled by modder HOLS, who have released the Amazing Suit 2 mod, adding the second suit from the Andrew Garfield movies by replacing the Spiderverse suit. It looks more like a mix between the Spiderverse suit and Andrew’s second outfit, but not severely.

In the movies, this was the suit worn by Andrew Garfield’s Peter Parker in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. While his first suit was a new and original take on the iconic Spidey costume, this second iteration was more in line with the character’s comic book appearance, with distinct sections for each color, a prominent spider emblem, and sizeable white eye lenses.

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