5 best PvE weapons from Destiny 2 The Witch Queen expansion

Titan holding a Glaive (Image via Destiny 2)
Titan holding a Glaive (Image via Destiny 2)
Soumyadeep Banerjee

The Witch Queen expansion in Destiny 2 brought in weapons that have shifted the flow of numerous meta in both PvE and PvE. From World Drops to the newest crafting Relic, Guardians are given plenty of options to build their ultimate magnum opus for high-tier content.

This article lists the five deadliest weapons for everyone inside PvE. This list does not have anything related to Season of the Risen, so any weapons mentioned here can be acquired via World Drop, crafting Relic, or Vow of the Disciple.

Disclaimer: This article is subjective and solely based on the writer's opinion.

5 best Year 5 weapons to use inside Destiny 2 PvE

1) Funnelweb

Funnelweb SMG (Image via Destiny 2)
Funnelweb SMG (Image via Destiny 2)

If you’ve been missing the Recluse meta from back in Year 2 to Year 3, Funnelweb is ready to take you back in time. It is a 900 RPM void SMG, much like the Recluse. It contains insane synergy with the newly implemented Void 3.0.

The best perk combinations to look for in Funnelweb are as follows:

  • Corkscrew Rifling for Stability, Handling, and Range.
  • Extended Mag for an increase in Magazine Size but a reduction in Reload Speed.
  • Subsistence for Auto-Reload on kill, or Auto-Loading Holster for Auto-Reload when stowed.
  • Frenzy for increased Damage, Reload Speed, and Handling after 12 seconds in combat.

Funnelweb is quite rare since it can only be gained from the World Drop pool.

2) Osteo Striga

Osteo Striga Exotic (Image via Destiny 2)
Osteo Striga Exotic (Image via Destiny 2)

Osteo Striga is the latest Exotic weapon for the Deluxe Edition of The Witch Queen. In fact, it looks like a Veist weapon. However, this shoots toxic bolts at 600 RPM, poisoning targets within a radius with precision shots.

Pairing the weapon's enormous range along with Warlock's Necrotic Grip can earn satisfying results as poison damage is known for add-clearing inside PvE.

To get the weapon, you need to craft it using the following items:

  • Resonant Alloy: 7
  • Glimmer: 15,000.
  • Neutral Element: 2,375
  • Ascendant Alloy: 1
  • Ruinous Element: 70.

This weapon can be master-crafted using additional materials.

3) Palmyra-B

Palmyra-B (Image via Destiny 2)
Palmyra-B (Image via Destiny 2)

Palmyra-B requires only one Resonance to make it unlockable for crafting. Once you're done extracting the materials, go to the Relic on Mars and start crafting this Rocket Launcher.

The perks you're looking for here are as follows:

  • Hard Launch for Projectile Speed
  • Impact Casing for 10% increase in Impact.
  • Auto-Loading Holster for Auto-Reload when stowed
  • Explosive Light for 25% increase in damage after picking up an Orb of Light.

Palmyra-B is an essential pick for boss DPS, as it provides easy swaps and auto reloads to save time.

4) Parasite

EParasite Grenade Launcher (Image via Bungie)
EParasite Grenade Launcher (Image via Bungie)

Parasite is a fun little Exotic that Bungie decided to add through the expansion. While this isn't an optimal DPS option for raid or activity bosses, any major Champions can easily be shot down by shooting a Hive Larva.

To make this work, kill enemies with your primary or special weapons to build up stacks of Worm Hunger and shoot a projectile to deal huge damage. You can even shoot a projectile on your own feet to empower the next shot.

5) Forbearance

Forbearance Grenade Launcher (Image via Destiny 2)
Forbearance Grenade Launcher (Image via Destiny 2)

Forbearance is a raid-exclusive Wave-Framed Grenade Launcher that can be acquired from either the Caretaker or Rhulk encounter. Wave Frames are slowly rising to the meta, as are other gears such as Dead Messenger and Explosive Personality.

The best perks for Forbearance are as follows:

  • Quick Launch for more velocity.
  • High-Velocity Rounds for increased Projectile Speed.
  • Ambitious Assassin with up to 50% Magazine capacity after multiple kills.
  • Chain Reaction for an elemental explosion.

Wave Framed weapons are great for add-clearing. Forbearance comes with perks that can amp up the process even more.

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