5 best video game trilogies of all time

Geralt and Shepherd are parts of the best gaming trilogies ever made (Images via CDPR/EA)
Geralt and Shepherd are parts of the best gaming trilogies ever made (Images via CDPR/EA)
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Over the years, the list of video game trilogies has only increased. Many games are often made as standalone projects, but they're given more titles once they find success. Alternatively, some projects are inaugrated with the plan of video game trilogies from the very start.

Video game trilogies allow players to expand their experience in certain senses. When the world of a specific game is complex, one title isn't enough to offer an authentic experience.

Not every trilogy that has been made is good, but the following five names are considered by many to be remarkable. While the order and choices will differ from person to person, the following five trilogies are all famous for their evergreen gameplay and superb execution.

Top 5 video game trilogies of all time

5) Max Payne


Rockstar is well-known for the creation of outstanding games. Be it for the GTA or Red Dead series, their ability to design games with personality is second to none. However, if a player wants to enjoy a concoction of grudge, revenge, and stellar gameplay, it is the Max Payne trilogy.

Remedy Games made the first two games while Rockstar Studios proceeded with the third one, making one of the best video game trilogies ever. The games link with each other effortlessly, even though Max Payne 1 and 2 had a gap of almost a decade from the third.

Gamers take the role of Detective Max Payne, who takes matters into his own hands following the murder of his family. What follows is a journey of revenge and emotion as players travel from the skyscrapers of New York to the favelas of Sao Paulo.

4) Mass Effect


Space exploration and the sci-fi genre aren't untested territories when it comes to video games. However, the Mass Effect trilogy still holds its own as one of the best video game trilogies ever made.

EA has been under fire in recent years over the quality of their games, but Mass Effect 1,2, and 3 is a particular exception, where all three games are brilliant on their own.

Players get to play as Commander Shepherd in a fictional universe where humans and aliens co-exist. Each of the three games has a story of its own, but the way the three games are interconnected feels amazing as a gamer.

Sequentially, playing the three games is akin to reading a well-paced science fiction novel. It's not just about guns and glories, as players' decisions and the relationships they establish impact the end goal.

3) BioShock


If there's a video game trilogy that takes on real-life issues via a different narrative, it must be the BioShock trilogy. The retrofuturistic series takes players to the dystopian cities of Raven and Columbia. While the setting might not seem like anything from the real world, the underlying notions of the game is quite clear.

The link between the three games may not be as strong as some of the other video game trilogies mentioned here. However, the overall connection of the storyline makes the games interconnected.

The first BioShock game, released in 2007, is considered a masterpiece by many. It ended with Jack defeating and killing Fontaine. The second game observes Delta being brought back from death to take on Sofia Lamb.

BioShock Infinite takes place in Columbia and is not as popular as the other two titles. However, the series is an actual art piece, and its portrayal of real-world stuff disguised within its narratives is unique among all video game trilogies.

2) Dark Souls


When a video game trilogy creates an entire genre, it needs a mention. Over the years, the difficulty levels of video games have come down in the general sense. However, it all changed in 2011 when FromSoftware released Dark Souls.

While most video games handhold and guide the players, Dark Souls was unforgiving. There was little instruction for the players in general and the phrase "git gud" was never more relevant.

Overall, the Dark Souls saga is one of the most unforgiving video game trilogies ever made.

While the difficulty deterred some players, others liked it. The lack of handholding and independence allowed the game's difficulty to satisfy the player. Every boss killed makes a player feel like a genius.

The entire saga continued with Dark Souls II and Dark Souls III. The trilogy created what came to be known as soulslike games. The latest child is Elden Ring, which has become the largest gaming IP since the Division in 2016.

1) The Witcher


The Witcher trilogy is considered a major masterpiece in the gaming industry. Developed and published by CD Projekt RED, The Witcher trilogy takes players into the world of fantastical monster-slaying.

However, as players explore the continent in the shoes of Geralt of Rivia, there are many things to enjoy, aside from slaying creatures.

Based on the work of Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski, the first game was released in 2007. This was followed by two more games, complete with the release of The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt in 2015. Incidentally, all three games follow original stories involving the world and characters created by Sapkowski.

Aside from the fast-paced action, there are many lands to explore. The way of story-telling of the three games is no less than the literary works of the same universe. A new game will be coming in the future, and it will be an arduous task to replicate the success of The Witcher trilogy.

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