5 games expected to feature in the upcoming PlayStation State of Play including Hogwarts Legacy, Forspoken, and more

Which games will feature in PlayStation State of Play (Image via Sportskeeda)
Which games will feature in PlayStation State of Play (Image via Sportskeeda)
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The community has been rife with speculation for some time now about when the next PlayStation State of Play will be held and what games will feature in the popular event. A number of titles are slated for release and fans are excited to catch new information on their features and gameplay.

State of Play returns this Wednesday, March 9. Tune in at 2 PM PT for about 20 minutes of PS4 & PS5 first looks and updates, with a special focus on games coming from our Japan publishers. Full details:

The PlayStation State of Play event will last for around 20 minutes on March 9 and begin at 14:00 PT / 17:00 ET / 22:00 GMT. The blog post states that there will be "special focus" on games coming from Japanese publishers, with a further few updates from other developers located around the world, too.

5 exciting games that can appear at the upcoming PlayStation State of Play

The article does not include God of War Ragnarok, despite it perfectly fitting the bill of the State of Play, because of the aforementioned focus on Japanese publishers. The upcoming sequel, which will be the conclusion to the Norse saga of the long-running franchise, is slated to arrive later this year.

Another game that has been rumored in the making is a Metal Gear game remake. On its own, this is a tantalizing aspect. But given a recent rumor that Sony is set to acquire a major Konami IP, one has to wonder if players might see the legendary Kojima back in the fray. Only time will tell.


Other games that players would love to have more information on are Dragon Quest XII: The Flames of Fate, of which players have only seen a short teaser trailer of rock and flames with the line "what is the purpose of life," and the highly anticipated Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Remake.

1) Ghostwar: Tokyo

Developer(s): Tango Gameworks.

Publisher(s): Bethesda Softworks.

Platforms: PlayStation 5, Windows.

Release Date: March 25, 2022



The upcoming action-adventure game has already set tongues wagging with its February showcase, which features an extended look at gameplay, unique psychic abilities, different kinds of paranormal enemies and the environment of the game.

In Ghostwire: Tokyo, players have an arsenal of abilities to defeat ghosts in the streets of Tokyo in what has been described as "karate meets magic." In an almost empty city invaded by spirits, players will play as Akito along with a spirit called KK while they investigate the strange occurrences in Tokyo.

With it being released later this month, State of Play can provide one last look at the game.

2) Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin

Developer(s): Koei Tecmo Games, Team Ninja.

Publisher(s): Square Enix.

Platforms: PlayStation 4 & 5, Windows, Xbox One & Series X|S.

Release Date: March 18, 2022.


In celebration of the 35th anniversary of the series, Square Enix is retelling the original Final Fantasy in an alternate universe. The description of the game assures players a gameplay that features "a wide variety of action moves" and "numerous different jobs and weapons" with varying levels of difficulty.

The protagonist is Jack Garland, who is driven by his quest to destroy Chaos. Fans have already been treated to to the Final Trailer of the game late last month. State of Play can provide new information of the game before its release next week.

Although unlikely, a sneak peek at Final Fantasy XVI could also be provided in the event.

3) Lost Judgment: The Kaito Files

Developer(s): Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio.

Publisher(s): Sega.

Platforms: PlayStation 4 & 5, Xbox One & Series X|S.

Release Date: March 28, 2022.

The Kaito Files story expansion takes place while Yagami is out on a business trip, leaving Kaito to manage the detective agency.However, with the reputation of Kamurocho's detectives on the decline, business isn't exactly booming. (1/2)#TheKaitoFiles #LostJudgment

The upcoming DLC to Lost Judgement, a spinoff based on the iconic Yakuza series, will be a four-chapter narrative expansion called The Kaito Files. Players will take up the role of Masaharu Kaito as the original protagonist Yagami is out of town.

In a PlayStation blog post discussing the DLC, Camrick Solorio, Marketing Coordinator of Sega of America stated:

"Yagami is out of town and Kaito is left to take on the remaining work at the Yagami Detective Agency. Everything changes when Kaito is offered a case with a lucrative reward: 20-million yen to find a CEO’s missing wife. Things take a twist when it’s revealed that the missing person in question is Kaito’s ex-lover, Mikiko. Left to put back together the pieces of his past and discover the fate of a woman presumed dead, Kaito won’t stop until he’s cracked the case for good."

The Kaito Files will feature brutal fighting styles, including two signature battle styles of bruiser and tank, new modes of investigation and hidden content. The State of Play may show further gameplay of the DLC before its release this month.

4) Hogwarts Legacy

Developer(s): Avalanche Software.

Publisher(s): Warner. Bros. Interactive Entertainment.

Platforms: PlayStation 4 & 5, Windows, Xbox One & Series X|S.

Release Date: 2022.


Along with being PlayStation's most-viewed game trailer, Hogwarts Legacy has justifiably captured the attention of players all around the world, especially the Potterheads. However, the only thing that players have seen till now is a reveal trailer released back in 2020.

People have speculated on numerous possibilities and potentials for the title, where players get to experience the life of a student at Hogwarts.

The upcoming State of Play has been rumored to be the setting for a new trailer and fans cannot wait to finally get their hands on new information regarding the RPG set in the wizarding world.

5) Forspoken

Developer(s): Luminous Productions.

Publisher(s): Square Enix.

Platforms: PlayStation 5, Windows.

Release Date: October 11, 2022.


The role-playing game is a hotly anticipated PlayStation exclusive that mixes traversing the map at breakneck speed with magical powers and abilities through the protagonist Frey Hollan who has been brought from New York to the world of Athia.

The developers had featured a trailer showcasing the game back in The Game Awards 2021. With the latest news regarding its delay to October 2021 with the aim of polishing it, players will be interested to see if State of Play features any further looks of Forspoken.

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