5 Genshin Impact characters that no one regrets building

Image via CarmenDeiKechi (Twitter)
Image via CarmenDeiKechi (Twitter)
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Some Genshin Impact characters are so good that players can't really regret building them.

Sometimes, a player has to make a choice in Genshin Impact. One of the most common choices every player thinks about involves which character to use. They often compare a few characters and then choose the one that fits their party the best. However, sometimes a character falls off hard in comparison to another choice.

Genshin Impact has a lot of RNG when it comes to summoning good units. This means that a player might build a character they will eventually wish that they hadn't, especially in the early game. However, some characters are extremely useful to the point that they're almost splashable in some team comps. In these instances, it's hard for a player to regret building them in Genshin Impact.

Five Genshin Impact characters that no one regrets building

#5 - Ganyu

Image via Genshin Impact (YouTube)
Image via Genshin Impact (YouTube)

If a player needs a Cryo user, they cannot go wrong with Ganyu. If a player is fortunate enough to summon her, they'll have a unit that can freeze massive amounts of enemies thanks to her AOE skills (including her basic attacks). Some bosses like the Oceanid are notoriously difficult, but Ganyu makes quick work of it without breaking a sweat.

Ganyu might not be the most conventional character to use because of her playstyle, but she's by no means bad. If anything, lucky players should consider building around her as her DPS is tremendous and can synergize with various other characters quite nicely.

#4 - Mona

Image via Genshin Impact (YouTube)
Image via Genshin Impact (YouTube)

Mona currently holds the record for the highest amount of damage in Genshin Impact, so it would be quite the tall tale to say a player would regret building her. Hitting well over a million damage is extremely impressive, and although most players won't hit numbers that high, they can still hit far higher numbers than usual thanks to Mona's skillset.

As a terrific Hydro user, Mona works well with plenty of other top-tier units. It doesn't matter if they're a support unit like Bennett or a DPS unit like Diluc, Mona works wonderfully with a sizable amount of the Genshin Impact cast. On a side note, Mona is also great for exploration thanks to her ability to traverse through bodies of water effortlessly, which can save a player a lot of time.

#3 - Diluc

Image via Genshin Impact (YouTube)
Image via Genshin Impact (YouTube)

Diluc is an incredibly easy character to use effectively in Genshin Impact. He essentially swings his Claymore with Pyro and that's surprisingly amazing for DPS. He doesn't bring much to a party except for DPS, but his DPS is so outstanding that it doesn't even matter. He's flexible in most battles and can synergize excellently with other top-tier characters.

If a player is preparing for an upcoming battle, just throw in Diluc and some other characters and that's good enough. It works well with some of the most difficult content in the game, especially if a player plays around Diluc's weaknesses.

#2 - Zhongli

Image via Genshin Impact (YouTube)
Image via Genshin Impact (YouTube)

Whether it's for DPS or utility, Zhongli's versatility makes it hard for players to regret building him in Genshin Impact. For most players, it's his utility that makes him shine above the rest of the cast. His shield is powerful, as it can absorb 150% of elemental and physical damage up to Zhongli's HP. If the player builds Zhongli like a tank, then his shield can protect the entire team easily.

As the player is required to build him in order to maximize his shield (as a low-level Zhongli won't accomplish much), one cannot really regret building him. He's arguably the best Geo user in the game, and he's also capable of creating a Geo Construct for other characters to climb.

#1 - Venti

Image via Genshin Impact (YouTube)
Image via Genshin Impact (YouTube)

Venti has several terrific traits that make him an amazing character in most instances of the game. If a player is seeking to explore the Genshin Impact world, then having Venti is a tremendous boon. Holding his Elemental Skill allows the player to create a wind current upwards, which the player can use to move around more effortlessly.

However, the best reason to build Venti is his Elemental Burst. Grouping up several enemies is an extremely useful thing to do in Genshin Impact, as it makes Elemental Reactions a piece of cake. If a player uses Venti's Elemental Burst in conjunction with other powerful skills, then a player can easily beat massive hordes of enemies in a matter of a few seconds.

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