5 new features in the Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order sequel that fans would love to see

Cal takes on an AT-ST in Jedi: Fallen Order (Image via EA)
Cal takes on an AT-ST in Jedi: Fallen Order (Image via EA)

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order was a fresh change of pace for Star Wars games after many years of not having a single-player-focused outing. The last game that even came close to this was EA and DICE’s Star Wars Battlefront 2, which had its own problems.

But Respawn’s take on an original story in the Star Wars franchise in 2019 produced a delightful product, with a decent story and fun explorable planets. While it might not have broken any new ground, the game itself was a pretty fun experience.

Since then, a sequel has been confirmed to be in the works and possibly be released early in 2023. As tidbits of information regarding the game start coming through, fans have their own expectations of the upcoming entry.

From improvements to adjustments to some wishful thinking, here are five features that fans would like to see in the sequel.

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Five new features fans would enjoy in the Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order sequel

1) A larger hub area

The gang gathers inside the Mantis (Image via EA)
The gang gathers inside the Mantis (Image via EA)

While the Mantis was a nice place to relax between missions in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, it feels a bit claustrophobic over time. The ship was an elongated tube, separated into various sections, which wasn’t exactly the best of designs.

It would be very suitable in the next game if Cal Kestis and his friends had a larger place to hang out in. Possibly a small space station or simply a larger ship. The game could start with the Stinger Mantis being exploded for some story reason, leading to Greez getting his hands on a new ship.

Additionally, it would be a bonus if Cal had his own room, like most modern open-world games. A place where players could head to take a nap, work their lightsaber, or meditate. While the Mantis did have these areas, they lacked any privacy.

2) More worlds to explore

The holotable shows all available planets (Image via EA)
The holotable shows all available planets (Image via EA)

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order had five explorable planets, each with their own open map to go around, with the story taking Cal to every one of these (and two more, although they’re not revisitable). For the first game in a series, it was a decently large game world.

Moving forward, however, players would appreciate an increase in the number of visitable worlds or even space stations. Since Respawn has got the formula down, they can work to include more than a handful of worlds, maybe even some optional ones, which the story does not take place in, a la God of War.

Speaking of worlds, another aspect which would be appreciated is more activities to do in these worlds. Once the main story was over in Fallen Order, players had no incentive to explore, aside from the odd collectibles they might have left behind.

3) Better collectibles

Cal with the best poncho (Image via EA)
Cal with the best poncho (Image via EA)

Speaking of collectibles, it would be safe to say that no one enjoyed the poncho’s from the first game. Most of them looked funny, and none embraced the feeling of being a Jedi. Just give Cal a good fashion makeover because those scrapper threads are hideous.

Instead, maybe opt for some better collectibles all around? While the lightsaber parts were fun to customize, there were too many of them. Most of which players never even used. Fewer yet more iconic lightsaber customizations would be a welcome change.

Other options for possible collectibles are lightsaber crystals for different colors, including the rare ones; customizable parts for BD-1, which could change its look, not just its paint job; new ways to customize Cal’s look. Just a few suggestions.

4) A Sith protagonist

A dark side Cal as shown in the story (Image via EA)
A dark side Cal as shown in the story (Image via EA)

With recent rumors of more than one playable character making the rounds, much speculation is currently ongoing regarding who might be the other protagonist(s). While the inclusion of another Order 66 survivor would seem like the natural choice (the game’s final title might be Jedi: Survivor), there is a much bolder alternative.

The inclusion of a Sith protagonist. This would create a diverse gameplay experience as the Sith would have access to different abilities and movesets compared to our friend Cal. A compelling story would make this an all the more suitable option.

A rather fan-favorite character who no longer exists in the star wars universe is the protagonist of an older series of Star Wars video games. Starkiller was the main character from the Force Unleashed series, Darth Vader’s secret apprentice. This would be the perfect game to see him return to the new continuity.

5) An Obi-Wan Cameo


This one is more wishful thinking but still is in the realm of possibility. After Ewan Mcgregor said in an interview that his upcoming Kenobi TV series would be linked to Fallen Order 2, Star Wars fans were sent reeling.

Many have since speculated that Cal Kestis might be making a live-action appearance in the show. However, the opposite can also be true, as Obi-Wan himself could show up in the next game. After all, he did make a brief appearance in the first game as a holocron recording.

As Cere Junda is still not technically connected to the force, Obi-Wan could serve as an inspiration for her, who himself would be dealing with the loss of a pupil. Or he may cross paths with Cal during a story. Regardless of the possible reasons, a cameo by Obi-Wan would be a delight to enjoy in the sequel.

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