5 permanently banned Twitch streamers who are unlikely to return to the platform

Streamers who are banned on Twitch (Image via Sportskeeda)
Streamers who are banned on Twitch (Image via Sportskeeda)

Over the past decade, Twitch streamers have attained almost celebrity-like figures with millions of followers and a dedicated fan base willing to support them at any moment. However, a number of streamers have been on the receiving end of the purple platform's ban hammer, cutting short their Twitch careers.

Although Twitch is considered a prime location for streamers, the strict policies of the livestreaming platform often lead to creators getting the ban. Worst of them all is the 'perma ban,' which means that the concerned streamer has been indefinitely embargoed.

The following article lists five Twitch streamers who have received permanent bans and are unlikely to return to the platform.

5 streamers who may never return to Twitch

1) Dr DisRespect


The first entry to this list is also the most ambiguous one. Popular streamer Herschel "Dr DisRespect" was banned from Twitch in June 2020. The ambiguity behind Dr DisRespect's ban is still not known even after two-and-a-half years.

What makes the ban even more strange is that the streamer had signed a multi-million dollar exclusive contract with the Amazon-owned platform a few months before the suspension.

Regardless of the countless theories that have come out, the mustachioed-maverick has never revealed the true reason behind his departure. Presently, he streams exclusively on YouTube.

2) Ice Poseidon


Controversial IRL streamer Paul "Ice Poseidon" is the second name on this list. He was banned in April 2017 following a swatting incident while boarding a flight.

For those unaware, swatting is popularly used to describe when the police interrogate a person after being falsely tipped as a prank. Paul, who was at the airport, had seemingly leaked his flight information before boarding it.

This gave ammunition for his viewers to place a faux call to the police. One unknown viewer was said to have made a call reporting a bomb threat involving Ice Poseidon. Shortly after being escorted out by the police, Ice Poseidon was banned from Twitch.

3) IShowSpeed


YouTube star Darren "IShowSpeed" is among the community's most well-known streamers. However, he is also among the creators to have landed in a heap of trouble due to his tirades.

In 2021, IShowSpeed was invited to attend an e-dating show hosted by Adin Ross. In the stream, the teenager was seen making violent and sexually explicit remarks to a female contestant named Ash Kaash. His comments were deemed unfit for the platform, resulting in Darren receiving a permanent suspension.

He has, however, moved on to YouTube, gaining over 13.1 million subscribers at the time of writing.

4) JiDion


American YouTuber Jidon "JiDion" is mostly known for his pranks and skit-styled videos. He became the recipient of a Twitch ban earlier this year for "extreme harassment."

In one stream, JiDion encouraged his fans to raid Imane "Pokimane's" stream, which resulted in a slew of toxicity. This resulted in an initial 14-day ban. Much to the streamer's agony, the 14-day ban was turned into a permanent one, meaning that JiDion has not been able to stream since.

Although many consider his ban harsh, Twitch is yet to respond to the pleas.

5) Destiny


The final entry to the list comes in the form of a political commentator and variety streamer - Steven "Destiny." The streamer was banned in March 2022. Like Dr DisRespect, Destiny's ban cannot be tracked to any single or specific incident.

Shortly after receiving the suspension, Destiny took to his YouTube account to discuss the matter. According to the streamer, Twitch had found repeated violations of its TOS. He said that there are three primary reasons behind his embargo:

“They said that a violation occurred on stream, and then the three possible reasons they gave were: posting a combination of words and emotes in chat to promote denigration based on race, praising or supporting a hate crime. And then the third one, this would blow my mind if it’s the third one, ‘advocating for the exclusion of a group of people based on their disability.’”

Other popular names permanently banned from the platform include Donald Trump, Phantoml0rd, ZilianOP, Andrew Tate, and others.

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