5 reasons why Yanfei can be a great unit to have in Genshin Impact 1.5

Image via PC Gamer
Image via PC Gamer
Alan Sahbegovic

As a Pyro and Catalyst user, Yanfei is a great addition to any team in the Genshin Impact 1.5 update.

Yanfei will be the first traditional Catalyst wielder capable of using the Pyro element (as opposed to Klee's unorthodox playstyle), so there is an understandable amount of hype. Yanfei, along with Eula, are arriving in the Genshin Impact 1.5 update. Fans should know if it's worth summoning her.

Yanfei has valid reasons for being added to most players' parties. Whether it's DPS or exploration, Yanfei is capable of assisting most Genshin Impact players in a positive way.

Five reasons why Yanfei can be a great unit to have in Genshin Impact 1.5

#5 - Yanfei is a four-star unit


Four-star units are significantly easier to acquire than their five-star counterparts. If a player is unsure as to whether or not they should bother summoning her for other reasons, they should know that her banner will be the best opportunity to get her. Even in the odd situation that a player can't get her, they can always get Eula (another great unit worth summoning).

Every advantage that Yanfei will have listed below will also bolster this reason in the minds of some players. After all, it only makes it more tempting to summon a unit as versatile and useful as Yanfei in Genshin Impact.

#4 - Puzzle exploration

Image via Pocket Tactics
Image via Pocket Tactics

Genshin Impact has hordes of puzzles involving the Pyro element. While using Amber gets the job done, some can be done more easily by Yanfei. Yanfei is a Catalyst user, so she can hit all the totems easier than Amber having to charge her shots. Amber does have the advantage of being useful from a distance, but it's still worth noting.

Some of these puzzles could be in the open world when Amber is not in the party (for one reason or another), which would be highly convenient for players who use Yanfei for her other qualities. Compared to other Pyro users, she can more easily spam her Pyro attacks.

#3 - Easy AOE Pyro damage

Image via PCGamesN
Image via PCGamesN

AOE Pyro damage can mesh easily with plenty of team comps. Pyro reacts strongly with Electro and Hydro, making a character like Yanfei very useful as a sub DPS option. She can throw out her Elemental Skill in conjunction with another character's Elemental Skill (like Fischl's Nightrider or Mona's Mirror Reflection of Doom).

Because these Elemental Reactions can trigger significant damage, it's worth considering bringing Yanfei into some team comps that need that extra burst of damage.

All of her skills apply Pyro, so players won't struggle to trigger certain Elemental Reactions. Most other Pyro users have limitations as to how often they can spam their Pyro element, but Yanfei users won't have to worry about that.

#2 - Yanfei is a good solo unit

Image via Gamepur
Image via Gamepur

A lot of Yanfei's talents and skills stem from the fact that she's intended to fight enemies on her own. If she uses her Elemental Burst, Done Deal, and then swaps to another character, her bonus damage vanishes. Some other Genshin Impact characters have the same problem, but there are advantages to a system like this.

Some players barely have any characters in Genshin Impact, so adding somebody like Yanfei can be very useful. As her skills synergize well enough on her own, these kinds of players can pump all of their resources into her and know that she can handle a lot of battles on her own.

#1 - Easy exploration in Liyue

Image via Toma2Soup
Image via Toma2Soup

It has been datamined that Yanfei will have a passive talent identical to Qiqi, which would make her perfect for exploration in Liyue. Other Genshin Impact characters with a similar passive are five-stars (Qiqi and Klee for Liyue and Mondstadt respectively), so Yanfei having it at four-stars is amazing.

Plenty of characters in Genshin Impact require these Liyue local specialties, particularly if they come from the Liyue region. Given that Qiqi is a five-star unit, most players won't have access to her even if they try to on her banners. Yanfei, by comparison, is a four-star unit.

Players can still get unlucky and never manage to summon Yanfei. However, the same can be said about any character, so it isn't as relevant in discussions to summon a character or not in Genshin Impact. Plus, four-star units can rotate in the Starglitter Exchange, so it wouldn't be unheard of if Yanfei was eventually on it.

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