5 reasons why Yelan is worth pulling for in Genshin Impact

With valuable utility and alluring character design, Yelan has it all (Image via Genshin Impact)
With valuable utility and alluring character design, Yelan has it all (Image via Genshin Impact)

It has been a few days since the latest patch 2.7 update was released in Genshin Impact. The latest patch introduces a new 5-star Hydro DPS character, Yelan, and the community took no time summoning and building her.

Hydro has always been an element in Genshin Impact that introduced some of the best supports to the game and they continue to maintain that legacy with Yelan. Yelan has mastery over the bow and has an extremely unique set of abilities that can bring tons of changes to meta teams as DPS or support. Here are five reasons why Yelan is worth pulling in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact: 5 reasons Yelan is worth pulling for

5) Valuable Passive Talents

Yelan will be a VERY good hydro applicator and buffer forRational team (raiden national). Do take note that her “adapt with ease” passive won’t work sa mga characters na nagssnapshot like Xiangling, but with proper rotation, Xiangling can get some of that damage buff before her Q

Yelan has some of the best passive talents that are very useful for the entire party in Genshin Impact. Players can unlock these passive talents by ascending Yelan to the required level.

The first talent, "Turn Control", can increase Yelan's max HP by 6% to 30% depending on the number of element types in the party. Since her abilities are based on her max HP, this talent allows Yelan to deal more damage.

The second passive, "Adapt with Ease", increased the damage of the active characters by 1% after Yelan's Elemental Burst was cast. The increase in damage increases by 3.5% every second and a maximum of 50% increase in damage can be achieved through the passive talent.

4) Flexible Team Composition


As a Hydro support or DPS character, Yelan can fit herself into multiple teams, making her very flexible. Any team composition that was earlier used for Xingiqu can also be used for Yelan.

Due to her Hydro nature, Yelan can easily switch between Vaporize and Permafreeze teams without much hassle. Yelan will also bring a ton of new compositions with Double Hydro team compositions as well as new Electro-Charged teams.

3) F2P friendly/Easy-to-Build

From Vaporise only… Yelan is the most f2p friendly character ever

Yelan has to be one of the most F2P friendly characters despite being a 5-star unit. There are multiple artifacts sets that Genshin Impact players can use for her and one of the best 4 piece sets is the Emblem of Severed Fates (ESOF) artifact set for her due to high energy requirements.

Most of her abilities are HP scaled, so players can completely focus on HP%, ER%, Crit Rate/DMG for the main stats on artifacts as per their needs. Apart from her signature weapon, Aqua Simulacra, some of the best weapons to use for her are easily accessible such as Favonius Warbow, Fading Twilight, The Stringless, and many more.

2) Unique Abilities

Yelan has a very enticing aesthetic and sometimes that is enough to sell players to summon Yelan, but her unique abilities and animations further enhance the urge to summon her.

Yelan's Elemental Burst is her greatest selling point. When cast, Yelan deals initial damage and will then perform coordinated attacks with normal attacks done by the active character on the field. The damage is scaled on Yelan's max HP and has insane multipliers to deal high damage.

Most Genshin Impact players may build Yelan solely for Elemental Burst as the Burst DPS or Hydro Enabler. However, Yelan's Elemental Skill is a hidden gem and players should not underestimate it.

The elemental skill is the ultimate get out of jail card. When Yelan is at a party, players can always use her Elemental Skill to dodge attacks and deal damage while saving characters.

1) Additional Hydro Support

@PSN_FUROND Yelan c0=xingqiu c6Very worth pull if you need second xingqiu

Many people in the community have compared Yelan with Xingqiu and called her the 5-star version of Xingiqu. There have been multiple occasions where players have wished to have an extra Xingiqu, so they can have a Sub-DPS in both the parties for their Spiral Abyss teams.

Having Yelan allows Genshin Impact players to do just that. Both have similar team compositions and perform the same role in the party with her hydro application to trigger powerful reactions.

Hence, players will be able to have Xingiqu in one team and Yelan in the other without having to compromise on the damage or performance of the party in Spiral Abyss.

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