5 rumored upcoming reruns you must not miss in Genshin Impact

There are a number of upcoming character reruns that Genshin Impact players should not miss (Image via Genshin Impact)
There are a number of upcoming character reruns that Genshin Impact players should not miss (Image via Genshin Impact)
Rishov "Vergil" Mukherjee

Genshin Impact occasionally conducts reruns to provide players with an opportunity to pick up characters they might have missed in the past.

According to numerous rumors, some top-tier characters are set to appear in reruns in the next few months.


This article lists five reruns that Genshin Impact players should not miss out on. It is crucial to note that the characters mentioned here are solely based on leaks.

Additionally, even if a character is good in terms of meta, players should only go for those they enjoy playing with.

Note: This article reflects the opinion of the writer

Kazuha, Yoimiya and 3 other reruns that Genshin Impact players should consider investing in

1) Klee (Expected rerun in patch 2.8)


Klee might be a Genshin Impact character that has fallen down the meta due to the popularity of other units like Hu Tao. However, she is still quite strong when it comes to burst Pyro damage.

In fact, Klee's damage output in Genshin Impact is definitely a lot higher than the likes of Diluc. Unless players already have Hu Tao, they should definitely pull for Klee. Her ultimate hits quite hard and comes in handy in tough boss fights as well as the Spiral Abyss.

In fact, players can pair her up with Yelan, who buffs Klee massively and forms a formidable Vaporize team.

2) Yoimiya (Expected rerun in patch 2.8)


If players feel that Klee is not their cup of tea despite lacking in a Pyro DPS, Yoimiya is another option for them in Genshin Impact. There is arguably no other unit in the game that can melt through bosses as fast as Yoimiya.

She is basically Genshin Impact's version of a machine gun as she can fire her Pyro-infused arrows very quickly. Units like Yunjin can enhance her damage output even further.

The only issue with Yoimiya is that her tracking can be a bit off-putting at times. If there are multiple enemies, she will often end up hitting the wrong target, which can be infuriating in a time-bound situation.

3) Ganyu (Expected rerun during Anniversary in patch 3.0)


Ganyu is a character who has been in the meta since she was first released in January 2021. To this day, she is arguably the only bow character who does damage from charged shots.

However, the damage output of a single charged shot from her bow in Genshin Impact is abnormally high. Those charged shots are also infused with Cryo. Hence, players can pair her up with characters like Xiangling and Bennett to build Melt teams and wipe out bosses in a very short duration.

Ganyu's gameplay may feel a bit dated right now, with characters like Ayaka being a lot faster. However, she is still the safe and sustainable DPS who comes in clutch in desperate times.

Being a bow character, Ganyu can position herself far away from the enemy. Her charged shots also have no damage fall-off.

4) Zhongli (Expected rerun during Anniversary in patch 3.0)


Zhongli is a character who, at this point, has become a legend in the Genshin Impact community.

He has a shield that can tank any form of incoming damage in the game (except corrosion). His ultimate can deal huge burst damage while also petrifying all enemies barring bosses in place.

Apart from that, his E ability reduces both elemental and physical damage resistance by 20%, which always comes in handy for the DPS character in the team.

Overall, Zhongli is one of the best units in the game, and if players still don't have him, it is time for them to invest in his banner. The only circumstance in which a player may not want to pull for Zhongli is if they want Genshin Impact to feel challenging.

It is true that Zhongli may have been nerfed due to the Rifthound enemies that penetrate his shield and deal bleed or corrosion damage. However, one thing that players ignore is that while the corrosion cannot be stopped, his shield does prevent staggering.

The biggest enemy of every DPS character in Genshin Impact is getting staggered while dealing damage. Zhongli's shield makes sure that never happens, which is why he is so valuable for most teams.

5) Kazuha (Expected rerun in patch 2.8)


The final character on this list is none other than Kazuha. Apart from Zhongli, he is the only other character in the game that can be considered a must-have.

It is true that Kazuha was mistaken to be Venti 2.0 during his first banner back in patch 1.6. However, players now know how strong he is.

Apart from being a powerful crowd controller, Kazuha boosts the damage of every reaction-based team in the game by 58%. The only characters who do not benefit from Kazuha are Eula and Itto.

Players may argue that they only want to play with Eula or Itto. However, they should remember that most end-game bosses and Spiral Abyss enemies have huge physical damage resistance.

Damage through elemental reactions is the only way to go as of now. Kazuha buffs elemental damage irrespective of whether it is a Melt team, Vaporize team, Freeze team or a mono elemental team.

It should also be noted that Kazuha can swirl (property of Anemo element) not just one but two elements at a time. This is a unique property that no other character in Genshin Impact possesses.

This is a major reason why Kazuha is present in every showcase video that players might find on YouTube. If players decide to skip his rerun, it would be a grave mistake.

Building Kazuha is very easy as he only requires elemental mastery in the headpiece, sands and goblet as the main stat. Thus, in terms of investment, he doesn't require a lot.

This is Kazuha's first rerun in a whole year. Therefore, there is no guarantee that he will return anytime soon.

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